Must Know about the Secure purchase In Internet?

Must Know about the Secure purchaseIn Internet

Electronic commerce is one of the services of the information society that has experienced the greatest growth in recent years and represents one of the activities with the greatest future potential for the digital economy. In Spain, its turnover reached 24,185 million euros in 2016 and exceeded 6,700 million euros in the first quarter of 2019, almost 25% more than the previous year, according to data from the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC). In fact, the percentage of users who order goods and services online is 50%, four points above the EU average, according to Eurostat. By number of transactions, 44% of the purchases made are registered in Spanish websites according to the CNMC. 93% of purchases made from Spain abroad are directed to the EU. These figures illustrate the dimension that electronic commerce has acquired in a few years and the forecast of future growth. But, along with this economic perspective, public institutions must ensure the rights of consumers and users who access these services in order to offer them the greatest possible protection before, during and after purchasing or contracting online.

Throughout each of these phases, the consumer and user of these services may encounter a complex and varied number of situations that require the performance of those public institutions that project their competences on this activity, each in their respective fields. This Guide collects comprehensively the rights that assist users in the online purchase or contracting processes, and offers advice and recommendations from various approaches: privacy (Spanish Agency for Data Protection), security (INCIBE), consumption (AECOSAN) and the prosecution of criminal or fraudulent practices (National Police). The Guide is accompanied by seven files in which the main issues that a user must take into account are more concisely collected. In addition, promoting practices that favor respect for the protection of personal data, rights as consumers, the security of the networks and devices with which commercial transactions are carried out and the persecution of fraudulent behaviors are essential budgets to foster a climate. Of trust and enable innovation and sustainable growth. Learn more about the cyber security threats in 2019.

This Guide will be useful not only to citizens, as consumers and users of e-commerce services, but also to companies that carry out their activity in this area. For these, the promotion of these practices may imply a competitive advantage that must be enhanced, since a well-informed citizen is key to the growth of any business, and especially those that take place in the digital environment, where trust is the basis of the development of new businesses.

It is not recommended to use the services of an online store that does not properly identify its manager.

An online store needs to collect and process personal data, both from its customers and from some userseven if they are not customers, for example, when contacting to request a quote. Personal data can only be used for those purposes that your visitors have been informedand customers, and if any of them does not have a direct relationship with the management of the purchase, contracting or consultation (thetypical case is the sending of advertising), the user must be offered the possibility of opposing that treatment inthe time of data collection.In the event that personal data will be communicated to another entity, it is necessary to inform previously about the purpose for which they communicate, the identity of the recipient and their contact information.Who provides personal data to an online store does not cease to be the owner of the same and, for therefore, you are assisted by therights recognized by the data protection. Online commerce must inform about the possibility of exercising those rights and the procedure to follow to do what.

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