5 Special Wedding Gifts Ideas On Your Silver Jubilee

5 Special Wedding Gifts Ideas On Your Silver Jubilee

Based on the newlyweds, occasion, and several factors, the gifts can vary. Even the budget that you might have could alter the gift that you wish to give but all in all wedding gifts have to be unique. They are one way of showing appreciation and affection to the newlyweds. Thus, if you are looking for some exciting wedding gifts ideas, then we have enlisted five below. Let’s take a look

Wine Glasses

Often, for weddings and other special occasions, there is a bottle of champagne that is opened to celebrate the occasion. And gifting the newlyweds a customized wine glasses make it different and unique. You can choose from several options for printing a personalized message or some initial onto the glass. The options are of plenty.


Kitchenware is something that every couple that is getting married live to receive. It’s the most used item in the house and gifting them some crockery goes a long way as a unique wedding gift idea. You could either gift them an entire set of kitchen plates, bowls, spoons, and various other things. Also, other kitchen decoration items can be given as a wedding gift.

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There are several options for gifting the bride and groom’s personalized footwear. It could either be slippers, shoes or even flip-flops. Based on their interests and liking, you could get the pair a beautiful pair of slipper which has their names embedded into the sole of the slipper. Or you could get their initials embossed onto the footwear.

Furniture Covers

Often, customized products go a long way in ensuring that the gift is special and dedicated to the bride and groom. You can personalize the covers that go onto the pillows or bedsheets based on the couple’s names. The choice fo customization is of plenty. You can have anything you want on them. But its best to check out the options for customization before you finalize on the product that you are willing to gift.

Gift Cards

If you run out of all options that you could think of in terms of wedding gifts, then there are gift cards that act as the last resort. You could buy a gift card for any electronic store, makeup store, furniture store and much more. Based on the amount of money that you are willing to spend; you can buy a relevant gift card for the couple such that it comes handy for them and can use it based on their requirements.Thus, the above-given gift ideas work the best every time. Based on how much you can spend; you can think big. Also, you can give personalized gifts that could make a lot of difference and could provide a personal message to the newly-weds. So, think carefully and do accordingly. All the best.