Wedding video invitations for every kind of couple


Wedding video invitations are basically movies with the couple being the show stoppers. It’s a way to let people know about the type of wedding you’d be having. If done right, this wedding video invitation can also be a sneak peak into who you are as a person. 

So, here are some wedding video invitations that can suit every kind of couple!

#1. The Sarvagun Sampann Couple

This is for the God love kind of couple. The one that wants to have the support of God in every little thing they do. Be it a job or a wedding, the presence of religious mantras or procedures is important. For this couple the perfect kind of video invites would be the ones that contain religious symbols and tunes that contain religious tunes. 

#2. The Gypsy Couple

This video is the perfect fit for the free-spirited and true gypsy at heart. The Bohemian flute music with a modern twist is a good choice. Since bright colours represent a hippie vibe, this video is the perfect for this couple. 

#3. The à la mode couple

If you’re the type that follows a trend with all your heart then this video invite is the best one for you. With the necessary colours and music sure does make for some trendy stuff – the type that inspires your friends and family to follow trends too. 

#4. The Romantic couple

This is one that would give SRK a run for his on-screen romane. Cheesy yet super cute these romantic couples would love the video because it speaks all love. 

#5. The Modern Duo

They’re one of the most progressive and chic couples. So, they’ll definitely love stylish and modern wedding video invitations. This particular video invitation embodies that and the almost techno music sure does make you tap your feet!

#6. The Eclectic Lovebirds

This one’s for the couple with the eclectic personality. The slides that change into video sections makes one feel like they are watching an actual ceremony. The wedding video invitation is also accompanied by the beautiful music.  

#7. The Artistic Couple

This one’s for the couple that loves art. While there are very few people who love art, this wedding video invitation is not made for anyone and everyone. This artistic wedding video invitation that is filled with beautiful warli art from Maharashtra is perfect for the artistic couple. 

#8. The Dreamy Couple

This duo is in their own world. They are forever whispering, giving and if you want to learn how to make heart eyes, just observe them. You’ll be a master at silent flirting! One of the most beautiful wedding video invitations is the Midnight dreams invite and paired with the soulful music, will surely be an invite to remember!

#9. The Nature Lovers

If you’re a nature lover, chances are that you’ll be opting for a green wedding. Also, wedding video invitations are a great way to have an eco-friendly smart wedding. The ‘Tree of Life’ video invite, with the different elements of nature like the tree, deers etc. will definitely be a perfect choice.

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