13 Amazing Stage Decoration Ideas For Your Reception


No reception is really complete without wedding mandap decorations. But easy it should be, your wedding decoration will flip a monotonous event into a wizard, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that you’ve got forever unreal of. You do not need to embellish each single nook and crack of your reception stage to form an enormous impact, as long as you specialize in many of the essential components you’re just sorted. Thus before you exit there and scout for adornment concepts, equip yourself with some basic ornament data, particularly if you’re attempting to stay to a strict budget.

From flowers to lights and to any or all varieties of new additions, we’ve got six terrific suggestions and wedding concepts of however you’ll be able to embellish your reception stage in the simplest way.

1. Light it up
Lighting enhances the atmosphere and makes the decorations look alive. Have your lighting designer and wedding decorator work along to feature very little touches of sunshine here and there to form your wedding stage look superb.

2. Hang the flowers
Think flowers square measure only for decorating your tables? Then assume again! Hanging lush arrangements many feet on top of your reception stage may be a fun thanks to producing an additional intimate house.

3. Fabric ceiling draping
You’ll be astounded to visualize what a touch cloth will do. Keep it elegant with white cloth, or if you are looking for a fun ambience, prefer a bright colour like yellow or pink.

4. Mandap setting
Use Persian titled carpets, antique chairs, brocade cushions, fabric drapes and flowers with a coated cover. You’ll be able to conjointly prefer a rosy or gold-coloured theme to intensify the theme of your wedding accurately.

5. Lots of lanterns
Like suspended balloons, suspend a lot of paper lanterns. Whether or not you illuminate the sky with them or suspend from your wedding stage, these romantic globes look super pretty and can improve the illusion of the next ceiling and bigger house.

6. Use your venue’s decoration
If you’re obtaining married in your community hall, see what decorations they need for you to use. Several have candelabras which may add sophistication to your occasion. You will not need to embellish the least bit if the reception stage is already adorned with flowers and leaf when a recent wedding.

7. Set the date
Sit along with your family, astrologist and groom-to-be to mend the foremost appropriate wedding date. Detain mind the season of the marriage, the supply of guests and your convenience once you notice the date.

8. Begin building your guest list early
In India, each guest isn’t invited to each event. Typically you will be attractive two hundred guests in one event and four hundred in another. So, don’t miss out on a vital guest! Start the check list cluster wise like family, in-laws, business associates, vendors etc. And detain mind that you just can find yourself adding a minimum of twenty guests at the last moment: p

9. Decide the proper wedding venue
Many wedding venues square measure reserved a year or perhaps 2 prior to. thus once you begin trying to find one, keep an eye fixed for necessary details like easy parking, the public lavatory scenario and climate management. You’ll be able to take facilitate of well-known wedding planners to go looking for an ideal reception hall.

10. Get your trafficker game on purpose
This is the foremost necessary a part of however well your reception goes. From your caterers, DJ, emcees, comedians, make-up artists, decorators to photographers etc. opt for your vendors properly. Most significantly the DJ and therefore the caterers. If your DJ is boring or your food is subpar, none of your guests are going to be happy.

11. Build correct seating arrangements
A lot of times we have a tendency to forget to form correct seating arrangements for our guests. Imagine the horror of your U.S wali Chachi and Badi Mausi sitting along because of inconvenience of seats. To feature insult to injury, you’re DADI or another super adult could also be relegated to a spot at the rear.

12. Try and have back-up plans
Don’t leave something to probability. If you’re having AN open house reception, build plans for sudden weather. Or if you’re having a destination wedding, prepare transport facilities for your guests. It’s forever knowing be ready for any quite emergency.

13.  ATITHI DEVO BHAVA – Guests are Gods!!!
At each Indian wedding, you may meet a gaggle of complainers. Perhaps the food was awful, the DJ contend awful music or that they had to get hold of their own accommodation— the list will continue and on. Detain mind designing a marriage is tough and pricey, thus higher attend all of your guests regardless of what.

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