Spend the best of your family time in Singapore!


Being in the presence of your loved ones is the greatest pleasure of all. There is nothing better than spending time with your family on a vacation. Out of all the places you can visit, Singapore is the most family-friendly place for it has something for everyone. From adventurous rides and peaceful beaches to spacious hotels and shopping centres, Singapore has it all. Of all the things you could do in Singapore, we have shortlisted the best few to make your visit memorable.


The tropical island which houses Universal Studios, Fantasy Land, the best family-friendly hotels is a hit amongst both the tourists and the locals. The best way to reach is by a cable car that provides you with a peaceful journey devoid of the traffic. Enjoy the beautiful water park, Fantasy Land which abounds in rides and slides or spend a thrill-filled day at Universal Studios.

Night Safari

If you are a nature lover and love nature’s amazing creations, you definitely cannot miss the night safari. Watch the nocturnal animals enjoying their natural habitat instead of being contained in a cage. It will prove to be a worthwhile day for both adults and kids.

Bumboat Ride

Take a ride on a traditional bumboat down the Singapore River and take in the city from a distance. The old and new city on your sides looks magnificent. You will not regret getting on the boat on your vacation.

Science Centre

Spread over an area of 20000 square feet, the Science Centre is filled with interactive activities for both adults and children. The lace is sure to develop the kids’ interest in science. Learning can really be fun in a place like this.

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Snow City

The hot and humid weather in Singapore can make you feel a little agitated. To spend a day in Snow City is a really good idea for such a time. There are a number of adventurous activities for thrill-seekers. If not snowball fighting is always a good idea.

Botanic Gardens

A picnic with your family is like a scene cut out from a movie. Botanic gardens is a great way to get away from the city and spend a day in peace looking at the different kinds of trees and plants. Be sure to bring bread to feed the fish.

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