How to save money while travelling


When you are planning for any adventure tour. So is the first thing is the budget that how much is your budget which you can spend in your next travel. You need to analyses the thing as per your budget only if it’s a Singapore Tour than your budget needs to be above 50,000 it will be the minimum amount which I am telling you, on the other sites if it’s a within the country tour than its depend on the destination that from where to where you are going and how you are going is also a big concern. If you are travelling by train it will cost you cheaper as compare to flight ticket. We are providing you some tips which you can use if you want to save money while traveling:

Do choose morning flight

Always choose the morning flight because it will cost you less as compare to day flight. You can choose the early morning flight or the late night flight because in these flight passengers only travel when they have any emergency or something special that’s why seats will be vacant in this flight and the price is also low because of the odd timing. You can do one thing in such condition be at airport at normal time if not possible to reach in odd timing, and then wait accordingly.

Do online check-in

If you have any discount coupon you can use that at online check in. Online check-in is also an option which will save your money because if you want to add some extra with your travel like the meals and the wheel chair or any seat preference you want to add so you can use that voucher only in case of online check-in and can save your money.

Don’t carry check in baggage               

It will also save you money if you don’t carry your check-in baggage with you because some airline charges you for that also.

Don’t leave your room before 12

If you had paid till 12 for your room so don’t leave your room before that because once you go out then the expense will start so try to avoid that expense don’t leave your room before 12.

Do carry your credit card

Always carry your credit with you because if you require anything then you can pay from your card and can avail that discount voucher and can save money which you can use for other item. All bank have their different offer which they provides to their customer as per the customer, if it’s a regular customer of bank like the transaction done by the customer on daily basis so in that case they discount you more as compare to other.

Do negotiate with car rental

When you are going for to book any car for rent always try to negotiate for that, because the price which the car owner offer you they will surely negotiate on that so this will also a good option to save your money which you can use for other extra expense.

You can also book a bike instead of car if it’s a friends tour it will also cost you less as compare to car booking and also you will come to know about the way of new places. This will also gives you the knowledge about the place and about the localize destination. There will be some place which cannot visit by car so for that also bike is the good option.

Book a camp instead of hotel

If it’s an adventure tourthan you can stay at night in camp also instead of hotel, it will also help you to save money for you whom you can use for the next trip or for any other expense and also you feel the nature beauty that you are in the lap of nature.

Your trip will be Hassel free if you follow these simple tips if you will follow these simple tips which is given at the top and the trip will also cost you as cheaper as compare to other.

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