Most Creative Ways to Save Money for Travel


Traveling around the world is always an inspiring dream of every tourist nowadays. It needs planning from a long time, as you can say that from many years or lucky chance appearance. A lot of people don’t make their dream true because of low-budget or lack of sufficient funds. Travel may be costly. A lot of people give the importance to the travel but the costs are very quite expensive. Traveling costs include tickets, visa, food, accommodation, transportation and activities. When you put all these things together, it can go the estimation of nearly heavy amount. So, for traveling, you need to make some lifestyle changes or think and plan creative ways and smart ideas to collect the money for your dream. Talking about trip, Nepal tour is the best example of tourist destination for travelers nowadays, so they can arrange good amount of money. While traveling the destination, you need to take care of some smart tip to save money around the world.

1-Select Affordable Travel Destinations-

If you have small amount of money, it may be the first reason to choose the cheap and best tourist destination to travel. There are many tourist places in the world, which are very affordable in prices and luxury in the amenities. You can avail of the low rates and exchange rates to make your tour pocket-friendly and relaxing.

2-Staying in luxury accommodation but not costly-

Mostly people spend a large amount of funds on staying facilities. If you choose cheap and best accommodation or hotel, you have to spend a small amount of money. Thus, you can save some amount of money easily. Staying in luxury cum affordable hotels will help you to spend less and yet enjoying luxury lifestyle.

3-Pick up the mode of transportation facilities with care

You should not make any kind of compromise on the comfort and security. You should choose a transportation facility option that match with your time and budget. You should avoid of spending too much on the comfort. You should think double times about the transportation facilities, so you can save a lot of money easily.  

4-Eat fresh, delicious and healthy meal and spend less-

When on a tour, ignoring your daily favorite meal is always a wise decision. You should ignore chicken butter masala or kadhai paneer meal. In its place, you should choose the local cuisine. You must ignore the vanguard restaurants. You should take the advice from the local people and move straight to the Dhaba or local points. Thus, you will be able to eat delicious food without spending a lot of money on it.

5-Ignore the brands
When it comes to some cheap items, purchasing a big brand is really a big investment. Even though, when it comes to buy tinny things such as a box of facial tissue, you should choose a lesser-known brand to save some amount of money.  So, you can save a big amount of money.

6- Be paid to travel-

While planning a trip, you must choose a traveling company. So, you can get an exclusive deal to do all important things smartly. It may be very easy and wise option rather than traveling self around the world. By choosing a traveling company, you can save some amount of money easily. Apart from this, you can join some popular contests, which offer vacation money as a prize money to travel preferred tourist destinations. So, saving for traveling needs some carefulness and precautions.

7- Ignore social spending-

While booking dinner with family or loving ones is not bad, you need to take some points into the mind. There is no necessity of spending a lot of money on social activities and events. An ideal social status is not really worth, if you’re spending all your funds in one day or single month. So you should follow these principles, if you want to save money for traveling.

8-Book Your Travel Tickets Early-

Think about your traveling plan wisely and keep some important things of journey into the mind.  You should make your reservations and tickets in the advance. Tickets can become very costly when it comes closer to the traveling date. You must book tickets early, if you’re eager into a particular trip like Nepal tour.  A little more planning can save a lot of money to book the exciting packages like Nepal tour packages, especially for a long trip.

9- Booking your travel tickets online-

There are countless benefits to complete your bookings online. By searching online, you can get a lot of exciting options to book the best traveling company. There are online exciting coupons, online loyalty points, bumper offers, exciting offers on special occasions, discounted rates offer; cash back websites and traveling websites that provide the good options to travel around the world. First of all, you have to make the complete research to book the best ones through online mode. Booking tickets online for any trip has become very easy, quick and affordable, so every traveler can book their trip and enjoy online booking facilities anywhere anytime.

10- Choose for family trips or group trips

Single tour is beautiful and amazing. You should join group tour or family tour so that you can share a heavy amount of money among them. You can save a big part of fund easily. By doing so it, your dream of traveling any destination becomes very easy and affordable. By booking a common tour plan, you can do everything better as before you’re planning single. So, every tourist can enjoy their trip happily and comfortably to enjoy a luxury lifestyle.

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Author-Bio- Julia Lee is a marketing expert who is working on MNC for the past 2 years. She has been associated with as on travel adviser for couple of years and provides Nepal Tour Packages. Apart from this, she is a pet lover and a passionate photographer.