Tricks To Increase Your Fridge Lifespan

Tricks To Increase Your Fridge Lifespan

Refrigerator – Certainly, it is an expensive necessity. It happens to be an appliance, the lack of which can hinder the smooth administration of a household. This thermally insulated compartment keeps your food cool and fresh in the blistering heat of summers and preserves anything and everything for long periods. However, this comfort of life costs a great deal of money. And sometimes, effort and time too, if not maintained properly. Poor maintenance can even lead to complete failure of the machine, costing you twice the amount originally spent. To avoid such loss of hard-earned money, precious time, and effort, here are some easy-to-follow tricks to increase your fridge’s lifespan.

  1. Placementof the Fridge

Although a majority of people ignore the fact, the placement of the fridge plays a vital role in its lifespan. In an attempt to maintain the room’s beauty, the fridge often gets placed at a place or corner where its lifespan gets threatened. You must place your fridge away from other sources of heat like an oven, microwave, and heat vents. Also, you must position it a few centimeters away from the wall. These measures will allow the fridge to disperse the heat easily without building up pressure on the compressor. If you are unable to adjust your fridge in a way that it stays away from heat sources, then try placing insulated boards between the heat source and the fridge.

  • Keep your fridge clean

The key to maintenance is cleanliness- Be it any device. Regularly cleaning the fridge prevents the accumulation of bacteria, harmful micro-organisms, and the production of bad odor. To begin cleaning, get rid of all the near-to-expiry or rotten items. These articles can give a home to fungus, which is highly hazardous for one’s health. In case, you forgot to remove, and the mold has already, scrub your refrigerator with one tablespoon of baking powder dissolved in 1 quarter cup of water. And then, with plain water.

You can maintain clean interiors of the fridge by warm soapy water, at least once a month. To get rid of bad odors, you can place a bowl of oats or a glass of vinegar for a day, when turned off. If you cannot afford to turn it off for a day, place a bowl of vinegar and lime solution for 24 hours at least.

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  • Declutter the Fridge

Often, we fill the fridge with large fruit bags and pastry dishes, never reflecting upon the consequences related to the fridge’s lifespan. The air needs ample of space inside the fridge to maintain an even temperature distribution. Thus, when the area gets packed with huge, bulky food items, then the air’s path becomes difficult. The cooling system of the fridge has to work harder to attain the uniformity. Hence, it is better to remove excess items from your fridge every day and store food in compact containers. It results in not only an organized fridge but increases its lifespan.

  • Use Power Saving Mode

Recently introduced models of refrigerators, particularly, that of the leading brands comprise of this feature. Now, the power saving mode feature is not associated with Samsung’s fridge price, Dawlance fridge price, or any other brand’s fridge’s price. Even the low-priced models come with this feature because it has become a vital maintenance tool for most refrigerators. Homeowners can enable this function to deactivate the built-in wall heaters in the appliance. As a result, it inhibits humidity. This convenient feature does not only keep your fridge clean but also makes your refrigerator energy-efficient. Thus, lowering the figure on your electricity bill.

  • Don’t Use Top As Storage Place

Have you placed food storage and cereal boxes on the top of the fridge? Well, it is a common practice amongst Pakistani locals to stack all the rusk packets and dry item jars on the fridge’s top. But do you know that this practice can lead to decreased fridge lifespan?

The top and back of the fridge release hot air into the surroundings so that the internal fridge environment remains cool. However, when the area gets covered, the air’s path becomes blocked too. The trapped warm air forces the cooling system to work harder. Consistent pressure on the cooling system may depreciate its work performance over time and reduce the lifespan. Hence, keep the fridge’s top always clear to ensure better food preservation and longer fridge lifespan.

  • Regular Inspection

Perhaps, being proactive is the best possible way to attain longevity in your fridge’s lifespan.  After every two or three months, perform a fridge inspection. You can perform it after every month too and the time intervals between inspection depend upon your feasibility. However, it is vital to ensure that these intervals are regular. Start your inspection by listening for unusual sounds, like creaking and grinding. The intensity of sounds depicts the severity of the problem, which may link to motor, fan, or compressor. It is better to call a professional to solve the problem while it is still repairable. Then, examine whether the fridge and freezer compartments have a consistent temperature. It may take a few days to determine the consistency, and you may have to use a thermometer. Lastly, examine the fridge for the tightness of the sealing. If you find it loosening, then replace it immediately.


Whether you purchase a high-end model or a low-end one, you might find yourself contacting the customer care center for replacing or repairing a thing or two in the fridge because it suddenly stopped working! To avoid such scenarios, it is advisable to adopt these 6-efficient tricks and save your hard-earned money.