How Can IoT Devices Improve Marketing Strategies?

How Can IoT Devices Improve Marketing Strategies

IoT or Internet of Things is the latest trend that we are all following. These are traditionally low to no-tech devices that we infuse with technology to make them smarter. Smart home technology is a perfect example. Right now the thermostat in my house is connected with my Spectrum internet packages. Why? So that I can change the temperature without having to leave my couch.

ButIoT technology goes so much further than just that. IoT technology has found many uses in the farming industry. Amongst many others, of course. But if IoT technology can improve something like farming, then imagine what it can do for digital marketing.

What is IoT Technology?

Before we get into how IoT technology is improving digital marketing. It is better to get a better understanding of what IoT technology is. You likely know the basics. Conventionally non-technological devices that have been supercharged with the latest technology. But the real question is how?

There are 4 broad components of IoT devices:

  • User Interface
  • Cloud Connectivity / Big Data
  • Gateway
  • Sensors

User Interface

We all know what user interface means, don’t we? It the way the data is shown to us. And also how we communicate with the devices. This could be the app on our phone. Or in the form of data that we can view on our devices.

Cloud Connectivity / Big Data

IoT devices are capable of generating tremendous amounts of data. This data is constantly being shared and stored somewhere. That somewhere is usually the cloud service. For most IoT devices, cloud servers act like the brain. Raw data is sent to the cloud-based server, where it is processed.


Gateways are considered the most vital element of IoT devices. The function of a gateway is to transmit the data gathered by the device to the cloud server. It basically acts as a bridge between the cloud server and the IoT device.


The basic function of an IoT device is to gather information. That is where sensors come into play. They are responsible for collecting various data. Sensors collect the data and convert them to be transmitted through the gateways to the cloud. Once the data is processed in the cloud, it is then displayed through the user interface.

How Can IoT Devices Improve Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, or even marketing in general works best if there is a clear understanding of the consumer. Most marketing executives will go to great lengths to improve their market knowledge. And the main aim of any marketer is to improve on customer experience. IoT devices can help with all this and more:

  1. Customer Experience
  2. Data Collection
  3. Personalization
  4. Tracking
  5. Understanding Customers Better
  6. Product Development

#1. Customer Experience

Improving customer experiences is a priority for most marketers. Most marketing strategies are developed to give customers more value. And nothing gives more value to customers than faster responses to their needs. With the real-time data collection from IoT devices, marketers can improve those response times.

#2. Data Collection

Data is the key to good marketing. Traditionally marketing professionals spend a lot of their time and resources of collecting data. Data about their customers can help them improve on their strategies. Not only do IoT devices help marketers gather data. But they also help them sort and analyze the data. That saves a lot of time and resources. Which can then be redirected into improving their strategies.

#3. Personalization

Marketers know the importance of personalization. It is the best way to engage customers. And to this effect, marketers would go to great lengths. IoT devices make that easy to do. They allow marketers to connect with customers in real-time. IoT technology also increases the accuracy with which marketers target their audience. This can tremendously improve the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

#4. Tracking

IoT devices are perfect for tracking data and channeling it to marketers for analysis. This data tracking can help marketers predict trends and consumer habits. That information and other insights can allow marketers to improve sales as well as customer satisfaction.

#5. Understanding Customers Better

The key role of a marketing professional is to understand their audience. IoT devices can help marketers improve their understanding of the customer. They can analyze customer habits. Those, in turn, help them predict consumer trends more accurately. Once marketers know of consumer trends and habits, they can adjust their strategies accordingly.

#6. Product Development

One of the most important facets of marketing is relaying what the consumers want to the development teams. Producing a product that caters to consumers’ needs helps increase product value. With the data collected from IoT devices, marketers can understand what the consumer needs. And then deliver it to them.


The internet has found its way into everything we do, including things like making coffee in our homes. Services like the Spectrum internet support exist to ensure that everyone can get access to the uninterrupted internet services. Internet technology has also led to IoT devices, which are improving businesses as well. IoT technology can greatly improve on marketing, production, even accounting for your business.