MiniTool MovieMaker Review – Easily Edit Videos Like a Pro

MiniTool MovieMaker Review

Nowadays, with the widespread use of smartphones, users are now capturing more videos than before. Not only the advancing technology, but also the proliferation of social media has made video editing a hobby or gain door for many users.

Video editing programs appeared in the market in line with this change. Users, on the other hand, had the opportunity to make special effects that could only be seen in Hollywood movies once, with the help of standalone program like MiniTool MovieMaker. 

Anyone who has faced the choice of a video editing program at least once knows how difficult it is to find a product that meets all our expectations. Although there is no shortage of commercial solutions on the market that allow us to turn our home office into a film studio, they are usually expensive and quite complicated to use.

About MiniTool MovieMaker

When you want to use video editing programs licensed, it is possible to encounter high prices. If you are making a new introduction to video editing, you can use trial versions or give a chance to free programs before purchasing the paid ones. You can find the most up-to-date and best video editing program we have picked up in this article.

MiniTool – the creator of one of the most advanced video editors – has published MiniTool MovieMaker for free. This program is a real combine that offers more than many paid programs – which supports for 4K videos.

It has well-integrated templates, so you can edit your video without putting much efforts. This software is time efficient thanks to the developer which provides a range of useful tools. It also includes tons of effects, color correction options, and much more, we can create our productions almost immediately by adding effects, subtitles, our own music, etc.

Intuitive Interface

The first advantage can be seen immediately after starting the application – it is strict but transparent. It is safe to say that MiniTool MovieMaker takes the user very seriously and in this respect is unique on the market.

With MiniTool MovieMaker you can work with the latest video formats. You can edit video material in ultra-high quality 4k. The templates provided in the program is properly optimized for each screen.

Practical Use

It’s worth spending time on the video tutorials that come with both the software and the developer website, but when we master it, the program operation turns out to be friendly and very productive. For example, the blending of two frames occurs when two video fragments overlap each other. Thus, not only can the most common type of transition be used without reaching the effects list and without going beyond the timeline with video clips, it is also very easy to control how long the fade lasts.

The Most Regular Features that We’ll Use

  • Speed ​​up and slow down the videos
  • Precise adjustment of cuts, and transitions to the clips and background sound
  • Fade in, fade out of video and soundtrack
  • Grouping items once they have been aligned with each other
  • Smoothly adjust the volume of the audio track with video editing
  • Playing only one track and going off the rest, or muting a single track
  • Adding subtitles
  • Animating image or text transformations
  • Cropping and matching media to the output video format

At the time I tested the MiniTool MovieMaker, there was not even a watermark in the final files.

Completely Free of Charge

The e-commerce industry is growing unpredictably. This field is very popular not only for companies but also for individual uses. When this is the case, free video editing programs that you can use on your computer, tablet and even mobile phones to prepare professional content provide you a great benefit. In the case of MiniTool MovieMaker you can cut and merge videos, color and image settings, add subtitles or edit intermediate transitions without paying a monthly or annual fee.

In Conclusion

MoMiniTool MovieMaker is the most attractive non-linear video editing software with all the possibilities available on the market. The most important thing for me is that the software is stable and predictable. In short, you can rely on it, which I checked over a period of time in a variety of configurations. If someone takes video seriously and needs a proven tool that does not have all the options of professional software, I believe that he will not find anything better.