Impact of Technology on Our Lives


Technology has been in continuous evolution since the past few years. There’s no doubt of how revolutionized technology has been influencing our lives. Several useful resources and means have been developed with the evolution of technology. Our lifestyle has been made simpler yet accessible. Be it the tiniest thing of our daily routine, such as TV, smartphones, ovens or be it the greater ones like better health care, luxuries, commute; technology has certainly made life easier for us.

Today, technology has become a very essential part of our lives. Even if you look around, you will find yourself surrounded by technological gadgets, be it the laptop you’re reading this article on, the smartphone right next to you or the TV right in front of you. You can check out the classic collection of Michael Jackson Costume on Drive Jacket, for an attire that could enhance your looks. As technology has simply taken over our lives, we are listing down six ways of what impact does technology has on our lives. Give it a read:

1. Technology has enhanced our mean of communication

Back in time, the only mean of communication was writing. Sometimes it took days for the letters to be delivered. As technology has been in evolution, we have several means of communication today. You can call people living overseas with your smartphones, video call them to feel and cherish the expressions, email or message on social media. Technology has been connecting us with our loved ones who live far away from us. WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Twitter – there are several platforms enabling you to connect to your loved ones.

2. Technology has eased the process of paying bills and transferring money

Standing in lines for hours, waiting for your turn at the bank to pay bills or transfer money was surely a handful to do. Today, you have the comfort of staying put on your couch, with your smartphone in your hand and paying bills of gas, electricity, internet and what not. Thanks to technology, you can pay bills via internet. Even transferring money has been made easy by the use of technology. By using internet, you can transfer money from your account to any other. The security and comfort are right there!

3. Technology has made shopping a pleasure

Who doesn’t love to stay comfy at home and shop whatever they want to? House chores and grocery shopping are surely tiring, roaming around all the sections in the mall to find the essentials, going back and forth for the item you forgot; that’s exhausting, eh! Well, technology has made this fun for us. You can now shop online, be it grocery, apparels, furniture, appliances or much more. The payment process is secure.

4. Technology has improved Home entertainment

Today, thanks to technology, you can pause, rewind, record and rewatch live TV. Streaming online has been one of the easiest means of watching shows, movies and serials. Streaming services such as, Netflix, and Hulu are offering a massive collection of media. The switch from videotapes to CDs and DVDs is surely one of the biggest evolutions that has a great impact on our home entertainment. And the new LCD TVs have made the quality excellence in comparison to the previous TV screens.

5. Technology has changed the mean of transportation

As technology is due to revolutionize in the transportation, self-driven cars will be the most secure and exclusive creation of technology. It will prevent accidents and the accessibility will be made for the people. Secondly, technology has been effectively allowing people to book their mean of transport via their smartphone. Be it the planes, trains or cars. Uber is a successful example of the evolution of technology.

6. Technology has made education convenient

Back in time, people used to spend hours in libraries. Today, you have it all on your smartphone. Thanks to technology, you can find information on Internet in the form of e-books, videos, photos and audios. Students are now using technology in their institutes to get the conceptual meaning of the literature. Visual representation, presentations and examples with their peers has made education learning fun.


We literally cannot imagine our lives today without technology. Technology has made our lives simpler and efficient. Be it the transportation that we need, the food, communication and what not; technology has it all done for us. We benefit from technology and use it for to embrace the change with ease in our lives.

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