How to improve desktop performance?


There is not just one thing that comes in mind when upgrading your PC and this does not mean a person can do with ease, in fact, a lot of knowledge is needed. Knowledge about the existing system, components which required to be replaced and their compatibility with the system. 

These components or we should say hardware are your RAM, graphics card, storage drive and importantly the processor.

Yet the story does not just end here. Do you think buying these hardwares and fixing them is what the only thing needed? No, absolutely not. If you are not a professional then it may come with a great deal of effort, if not or if you have already upgraded your system before, then it might come on your shoulders with less weight.

But, another factor which has its own crucial importance is, why you exactly need your PC to upgrade? What task your system fails to perform or lack to perform optimally? In short, come up with a relevant reason in order to spend on your system.

Another thing is the amount you are willing to spend. Deciding the budget constraint within which you are willing to upgrade your PC is another important part here which you have to think first. Since the main purpose is to enhance the performance of the PC or laptop so that your old PC becomes eligible to fit at least among the line of the latest desktops of the year and you could compete regarding the task which is required to be done effectively and efficiently.

However, it will take up to $600 to a maximum of $1500 on average. Basically, a normal upgrade, where there is an ordinary task is required to do, in which basic computing is needed with a nice processing speed and storage, which will take around $600 to $750.

Whereas, if you don’t want to hang on the possibilities whether your PC is able to perform certain tasks effectively after upgrading a particular component, at the same time you don’t want to compromise over your system in any aspect, then you must need to go with a fat budget.

Why do we need RAM to upgrade?

RAM is one of the major parts of our laptop or PC, this single upgrading can solve many of the problems instantly without the need to spend any more on any other of the components. If you own a 4GB RAM, upgrading can push you to the ladder where you can step as high as you want to, yet there is a strong need to decide where you really want to go from 4GB to 8GB or 16GB? 

Let’s see what actually you want to do.

4GB is a standard size of RAM with the most commonly used DDR3 memory bandwidth. On this, you can’t run the latest games even unable to do multitasking, but if it is somehow got possible then it will not be done fluently and effectively.

In this case, good RAM is needed. With 8GB RAM at the cost of around $35 to $55, you can do multitasking and gaming, yet the gaming still depends on other parts of the PC, so don’t expect spending on RAM only could bring outstanding performance. 

Is it necessary to upgrade the graphics card?

This question is itself seems unimportant to be asked. A graphics card is the main part that could bring life to your pictures. The quality of the content in terms of its visualization depends greatly on your graphics card.

However, if you aim to do some gaming with superb and best quality visuals, then a graphics card is what you ought to spend on. Apart from gaming, video editing and animating as well requires you to buy a powerful dedicated GPU.

Do spending on the processor brings you the results?

Thirdly, a powerful and strong processor can help your work done in a moment of time. Upgrading your processor is indeed a little tricky yet expensive. You can skip this upgrading if you want to but if not then carefully choose the one that best suits your system compatibility. Since the new processor results in new features and boosts in performance, they could munch out a good amount of money from your pocket, i.e. around $400 to $1000.

Do I really need massive storage?

Lastly, local storage serves you as a great backup to hold all the work done. Some might don’t need to replace their storage, depends on the usage and the possibilities of the work which somehow don’t need to be stored. But if you are a video editor, where will you store so many of your pictures and videos? What if the local space seems insufficient, would you then decide to upgrade this feature too? Well it all depends on you, it may sound threatening but I believe you have to upgrade this too if you want the whole new system at your disposal.

SSD (Solid State Drive) may be cheaper, but HDD (Hard Disk Drive) comes up to 4TB massive storage. If you are at the end of shrank up the budget, then SSD is a better option, otherwise, HDD is all good.

Can I skip one or two of these upgrading?

Yes, you can. The best would be to spend on all fours, but if you lack money, then spending on RAM and graphics card could be enough for you to accelerate your working process.

Although you must be flooded with so many options regarding these hardwares competing in the market, it’s you who has to decide the best one for your system and you are the only ones who understand your desktop as well, thus think wisely before picking and filling the cart.