7 Thoughtful Gifts for Your BFF That Need No Special Occasion


When it’s about planning a gift for your BFF, nothing drab or so-so will do. Just like your best friend holds a greater position than every other friend, your gift should be thoughtful enough to spell out your emotions. Also, the gift should also be meaningful enough to suit her needs and preferences.

For your closest friend and your partner in crime, choose nothing less than than the very best. Below is the list of some exciting gift options for your best friend forever that will work for all occasions, whether it is for their birthday, congratulations, a token of thanks or more. And oh, she’ll surely love these. Read on!

1. Charm Bracelet

Nothing as feminine and sophisticated as a charm bracelet. Gift her a pretty and dainty bracelet that she can match with almost any ensemble and watch her dazzle every look.

2. Travel Case

If she is always on the go, a travel case is the best option to organise her essentials. This will save her time as she can sort her stuff and she will not have to juggle finding  them while travelling. You can go for her favourite colour option, keeping in mind the number of pockets she’d prefer and the print.

3. Eau de Parfum

Fragrances are an invisible part of one’s style. Make her spritz game strong with a nice perfume. Apart from adding a zing to one’s personal style, fragrances are also known to decrease stress levels and increase alertness.

4. Hair Tie Set

If your best friend is someone who keeps on losing her hair ties, a new set can be quite a practical and thoughtful choice. It can also serve as a nice arm band if she always has one around her arm. Gift her a set of colourful ties so that even when she needs a quick updo, she can do it without losing her style.

5. Spa Appointment

You can never guess what kind of stress a day might bring. It could be work, family, men, menses or what not. Add some ease to her day by booking a spa session for her. It brings relaxation, better health and beauty.

6. Cake

Whether she is having a dull day or has achieved a milestone, could anything scream ‘Happy’ better than a cake? Cheer her up when you are not around with a cake delivery in Agra, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or anywhere your BFF resides with online gift portals. Send a pop up message along with it to brighten up her face a little more.

7. Daily Planner Journal

Gift her journal to help her plan her everyday and save her from the chaotic mornings. Once she begins jotting down her routine, she’ll be more organised and less stressed and you’d definitely love seeing her that way. You can also go for a custom journal with her initials inscribed on the cover.

Shower your best friend with amazing gifts, no matter what the occasion. Delight & impress her with your gesture and let her know she means the world to you.

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