Ditch The Normal Cake, Get a Photo Cake This Valentine’s Day


Of course, Valentine’s Day is special! People wait the entire year for this day, i.e., 14th February to confess their feelings to their crush or even to propose to their partners, yet again. While you leave no stone unturned to make this day special and memorable for your loved ones, there is no chance reversing the gear and settling for a common or not-so-happening surprise. As said, “Romance is the Icing, but Love is the Cake.” A unique design and a delicious cake will make the day even more happening and love struck. A cake which is ridiculously rich in taste and moist, where the frosting is luscious and flavorful and is made from the heart is enough to add a whole new realm of the juiciness to the two birds madly in love.

Talking about basic chocolate and heart-shaped cakes, well they are history now because photo cakes are taking over the trend chart in 2020. Do you know what the cute, crazy thing about photo cakes is? Your presence and its deliciousness! Yes, you heard it right, while you may see the doppelgängers of any other cake but, no one ever will cut a photo cake like yours because everyone has different stories to be told behind that picture on the cake.

Here are five strong reasons to choose a photo Valentine’s cake this year:

  • They’re unique– No doubt we are well versed with the uniqueness of Photo Valentine Cakes. The trend began a few years ago and is taking the world by storm due to the dash of personalisation in it. When we broach the topic of cake, we start getting into the passionate territory of delicious cakes. But do you know, photo cakes are not very old, the concept backs 3-4 years, and now everyone is talking about the cake which has the image printed on it! Fill them with happiness and make the day very special and unforgettable with photo cakes.
  • They’re fashionable: If we talk of fashion, we always check the fast-changing trends among the youth. And fashion is not just confined to apparel, but to everything that is constantly changing and improving. With the increase of young people investing a lot and spending good time on Valentine’s Day with their lovers, they want everything fashionable and lovestruck. Be it the venue, the outfit or the cake. Photo cake is a fashion statement itself and can set the level of any celebration to a whole new level and make it more insta worthy.
  • They’re romantic: There’s no hiding the fact that Valentine’s Day is all about romance and love to blossom. And with any big occasion, we celebrate it with a sweet dish. Cakes are, no doubt the first choice to grace up any occasion. Photo cakes look romantic, and it furnishes the perfect dash of love to your special day. Get a cake for Valentine’s Day which has the picture of both of you, be it from your first date, your first anniversary, your proposal day or any other snippet from college days. This cake is surely gonna make you walk down the memory lane.
  • They’re affordable: With the growing demand for photo cakes by people for their birthdays, anniversaries, functions, and much more. Bakers have found a good business out of it, and they have kept the prices mostly rationale for all the people to afford and to not lose the customer base over competitors. So you can now find an edible photo Valentine’s cake at almost the same price as a normal cake with high definition, edible picture printed on it. So yes, this cake is not going to take a dig on your packets, and thus everyone can afford it, unlike the specific designer cakes which require more detailing and work.
  • They’re easily available: Gone are the days when you had to walk down and check the entire street to find that one royal baker who bakes photo cakes. Now with the growing shift of people to online shopping, you can easily find photo Valentine cakes online and can get it delivered at your doorstep in the stipulated time. This is not only convenient for the users, but it also saves their time and money in going out and checking the right bakers, respectively. Also, you can check the reviews online and get the cake delivered at almost no cost or a very minimal delivery amount.

So these were the five top reasons why you should order a photo cake this Valentine’s Day and shift your focus from the normal age-old cakes.

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