Why Do Indian Railways Deserve Appreciation?

Railway Restaurant
Railway Restaurant

The way you keep on working on yourself and improve yourself with time, so does Indian Railways. There are people who have an impression that Indian railways are pathetic and no growth is taking place in this area. in case you think that way then your thought process is certainly conservative and information is outdated.

You have no clue that there have been tremendous progresses that have taken place in the realm of railways in India. Plenty of new trains, facilities, features and schemes came into existence for the efficiency and comfort of passengers.  Just because you have no clue about these lately provided facilities or emerging options; you cannot simply put the blame on the railways.  You know what, even if you want to indulge into some fresh food while on your journey; you can contact Railway Restaurant and get the fresh, hot and hygienic food right away.

A significant role to play

You know Indian Railways in the contemporary time play a significant role for the entire lower and that of upper middle-class sectoral travel section.  The medium works as the most low-cost mode of transport amidst the chief travel modes in the nation.  Having a humble beginning in India since 1853, the Indian Railways has come up in the present time as the chief vehicle for socio-economic development of the country .

It might add on to the knowledge that railway in India is a labour-intensive industry and it possesses a workforce of more than 13.6 lakhs staffs. Indian railway is one of the biggest employment providers in the country. Employment generation has been one of the prime purposes of development planning   in the nation.  Indian railway is contributing in a significant manner to employment generation. Speaking of its facilities and features such as ticket availability facilities, tracking system, Pnr check and toll-free numbers and so on; these features have turned out to be as assets to Indian Railway.

Why railways over roads?

Apparently true that railway transportation has some positive characteristics when compared to road transportation. Railway is something that is six times much more energy-efficient in case you compare it to road and four times a lot low-cost. The social price in terms of environment injury or any sort of degradation is absolutely lower in rail. The price of railway construction are nearly six times lesser than compared to road for comparable degrees of traffic. It is the only main transport mode that is proficient of using any sort of main energy. It might also come as a surprise to you that Indian railways are not simply generating formal employment but also a huge scale of informal employment through the forward and backward links it has. And one cannot deny the fact that Indian railways commute lakhs of passengers every single day.


Thus, there are so many things that make Indian Railways absolutely worthy.   The praise for this transportation mean is constantly rising.   Whether you believe it or not, Indian railways deserves all the appreciation int eh world.

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