Key Insights into Types of Body Fat

Types of human body

Fat is one of the key nutrients that the human body requires. While on the one hand, everyone wants to get rid of fat deposited on any part of their body. Before you jump on the bandwagon, you need to identify the kind of fat your body is carrying.

Key Types of human body fat to know about

The human body is so complex that all parts are composed of different kinds of cells. If you are worried about managing your body weight, you need to identify the parts of your body which need the most attention and effort from you. Some fat is easy to shed while some takes persistent effort.

Thus the kind of attention and effort required is also varying. For some parts, massages may work, while for another exercise can be fruitful. If all the common remedies do not work, you need modern solutions like people in Dubai are getting HYPOXI treatment for losing excess fat. You can also get in touch with one of the clinics there for Hypoxi in Dubai to get treatment from professionals and lose excess weight. But before that, you need to identify the nature of your fat cells.

You may be carrying one of these types of fats:

1. White fat

This is the most commonly known form of body fat among the masses.  It is composed of large white cells. These cells get stored under the skin as well as around some organs in the belly area. Besides, these cells also accumulate in arms, buttocks, and thighs.

When the human body forms these cells, it is basically storing energy which it aims to utilize later on. White fat cells are integral to the functioning of hormones like estrogen, leptin, and insulin. It is incredibly necessary for human health till a certain amount but after it crosses the threshold, it begins to pose detrimental risks to human health. These risks include high cholesterol, heart strokes, kidney and liver diseases to name a few. 

2. Brown fat

Brown fat is common among babies. But sometimes, adults retain some of the baby fat. The areas of the frequent occurrence of brown fat include neck and shoulder regions. When your body contains this kind of fat, your body burns it to keep you warm. Nowadays, many researchers are aiming for a solution to obesity by stimulation of Brown fat in the body.

3. Beige fat

This kind of fat has caught the attention of researchers only recently. Beige fat cells have some overlap in function with white as well as brown fat cells. Just like brown fat cells, beige fat cells also help burn fat.

Sometimes when you are stressed or indulge in a workout, white fat cells transform into beige cells with the help of enzymes released during the physical or mental activity. This is the reason beige fat cells are a very intriguing research interest of this age.

4. Essential fat

As the name indicates, this kind of fat is essentially important for all people. Your body contains essential fat in the brain, bone marrow, nerves, and membranes that protect the internal organs. This kind of fat plays a key role in regulating hormones that control fertility. It is also important for vitamin absorption and regulation of body temperature. Remember that essential fat is ‘good’ fat, means this is not the type of fat that you will target for weight loss. According to the American Council on Exercise, for women, 10 to 12% essential fat is the standard range for good health, and for men, 2-4% being the ideal range! Generally, essential fat loss is the result of extreme and unhealthy exercising and dieting. You can try this body fat percentage calculator to know how much body fat and body mass your body has.  

5. Subcutaneous fat

This is the kind of fat that your body stores under the skin. It is made if a combination of beige, brown and white fat cells. The majority of the fat that adults carry in their bodies is subcutaneous fat. If you pinch your arms, belly or buttocks, the fat cells that you are squeezing are subcutaneous fat cells.

 Subcutaneous fat is measured in terms of percentage. Fitness professionals often use calipers to measure their percentage in your body. Again the same as white fat, a certain amount of subcutaneous fat is healthy and normal, but after that certain recommended extent, it can cause severe problems. These problems include hormonal imbalance and sensitivity. 

6. Visceral fat

This kind of fat is also called belly fat. It is white fat, which accumulates itself around the abdomen and the organs located there. The organs which have visceral fat around them include liver, kidneys, pancreas, and heart. Your risk of developing diabetes and cancers reach skies if you have excess visceral fat levels.

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Want a quick solution to your fat woes?

If your body fat is holding you back and is coming in the way of your confidence, you need to identify the cause of your body fat very quickly. When you identify it, you need to get in touch with professionals for a trusted solution. People in Dubai are attending fitness events to gain exposure to such knowledge, while some are consulting clinics for fat burning.

If you are living there, you can also get in touch with experts for treatments like Hypoxi Dubai to lose the fatty tissues and gain lean body shape once again. Weight management is very important for adults — the earlier you achieve a lean and fit body, the better.