At what age do athletes start taking sports stimulants and why ?

sports stimulants

Despite the fact that there is a lot of information on the Internet on this issue, one is still being searched. You don’t have to have a special education to be able to respond. The basics taught in school are enough, as well as to know the elementary contraindications to the intake of the drugs taken, which are studied by scientists and are recorded in the anions (instructions) of all drugs. So, we will list only a few of them that are directly related to our issue.

1. Anabolic hormonal drugs stop bone growth by closing the so-called. “Growth zones”.

2. Due to the intake of a synthetic analogue of testosterone exogenously (externally), while taking steroids, the production of its own (endogenous) hormone stops. Also, testosterone production is not only controlled by some systems and substances, but also affects the production of others.

The collection of all systems that are interdependent and affect the body’s production of testosterone is called the hormonal arc. And the work of the whole “arc” is disrupted when taking anabolic drugs.

3. It is not prescribed in the annotations, but it is assumed that the drugs are prescribed by a doctor and not by someone random and doctors know this by default. The effects of the medicines continue while you are taking them. The increase in muscle “mass” and its maintenance depends on the duration of your “course” and the moment you start a new one.

The earlier you start taking hormones, the sooner you will stop growing tall. In addition, the effect is irreversible. If you stop taking medication, you will not be able to resume growth. High growth has never been superfluous for a man, and even if he is tall, nothing prevents him from “pumping up”.

The development of various systems and physiological qualities of the organism, as well as the achievement of maximum indicators, lasts up to 25-30 years. The basic systems are formed before the age of 18, and the growth and formation of almost all the others ends at 22 for women and 24 for men.

Because most of the processes in the body take place under the influence of hormones, then, by interfering with hormonal activity in the process of formation (up to 18-24 years), you disrupt the normal development of your body and risk the underdevelopment of these systems in the operation of which you interfere. That is all wisdom. Also if you search for proffesional sporting stimulants you can buy from its online store from where you can get complete information about dosages and sports regimens.

You are the master of your own life, so you decide what and how much you want to risk in the name of short-term muscle gain. The later you start taking any drugs, the less risk and negative you will bring to the development of your body.