8 Simple Tips on How to Buy Drugs Safely Online


The average American spends roughly $1200 per year on prescription drugs. That number has seen dramatic rises over the last two decades.

One of the ways Americans and pharmacies alike are trying to bring drugs costs down is by conducting transactions online. The problem is, given the health risks associated with taking poorly crafted medication, many are skeptical of purchasing drugs via the web.

Fortunately, several reputable online pharmacies allow customers to buy drugs safely. To find them, all you have to do is apply a few safety tips that will allow you to weed out bad apples.

Keep reading to discover those safety tips and to start saving time and money on the medication you need!

1. Always Have a Prescription

It’s never safe to acquire or use medication without a doctor’s prescription.

A doctor’s prescription makes the acquisition of controlled medications legal which is important if you’d like to avoid fines or worse. Looking beyond the legality of buying drugs without a prescription, self-prescribing drugs can lead to a litany of health issues.

Remember, you’re (probably) not a doctor. Doctors go to school for years to learn how medications interact with certain patients and use that knowledge to prescribe safe courses of treatment.

If you forgo that expertise and try to get drugs from an online pharmacy that illegally forgoes asking for a prescription, you’re risking your life.

2. Talk to Your Doctor About Online Pharmacies

In addition to talking to your doctor about getting a prescription, they can also be a great resource when it comes to learning how to buy drugs safely online. Your doctor may have a list of recommended digital pharmacies they can share with you which dispense high-quality medication.

If they’re not sure where you can get your drugs digitally, they may have a person they can refer you to that has more insight.

3. Go with Brands You Know

There are several established pharmacy brands that you can be sure are complying with drug safety standards. Many of these pharmacies let you place your drug orders online.

Walgreens, for example, is a pharmacy that is well-vetted and offers online prescriptions that they’ll ship to your door. Pharmacies like Walgreens also waive shipping costs when you buy medications in bulk.

4. Use Pharmacy Checking Resources

If you’re going with a pharmacy that’s less known, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get subpar medication. It could though which is why you should consider using pharmacy checking tools to validate credentials.

For example, the FDA offers a directory that allows you to validate a pharmacy’s state license. Licensure is required by all pharmacies to operate in the United States. You should never give your business to a pharmacy that’s license can’t be validated.

5. Relegate International Buys to Canada

There’s a growing movement where people that are looking for a reputable medication website are turning to international markets for better prices. Doing so can get harry if you turn to the wrong country though.

Several countries have far less stringent drug standards than the United States. Furthermore, federal law likely prohibits the shipping of controlled substances into the United States from foreign countries.

The exception to that would be Canada given that Canada offers exceptional pharmaceuticals at outstanding prices. Thousands of Americans find out more about medications they’re interested in and buy them from Canadian pharmacies either in person or by mail.

So, if you are going to make international drug buys, relegate those purchases to our “neighbor to the north”.

6. Read Online Reviews

Online reviews pose a powerful means of vetting any sort of business. Pharmacies are no exception.

The moment you find a pharmacy you’re thinking of buying from, head online, and check out what sites like Google and Yelp have to say about it.

If you can’t find online reviews on Google and Yelp that offer context on the pharmacy you’re considering, our advice is to move on. Social proof is a big factor when it comes to vetting safety. Without it, unless you recognize the brand of a pharmacy through other points of connection, you’re buying in the dark.

7. Ask to Speak With a Pharmacist

Any pharmacy that’s worth their salt will have a pharmacist or physician you can speak to over the phone before placing prescription orders. If your pharmacy doesn’t or is being coy about providing you with their contact information, walk away.

Being able to talk to a medical professional is a huge component of being able to buy drugs safely online. Any pharmacy that’s willing to forgo offering that service is one that’s likely cutting corners elsewhere.

8. Trust Your Gut

Your guy is a powerful gauge when it comes to deducing legitimacy. When you look at the online pharmacy you’re considering, what comes to mind?

Do you think it looks reputable? Are you worried it’s too shady?

If you’re feeling apprehensive about buying, don’t make a purchase.

Exercise Patients and Common Sense to Buy Drugs Safely Online

Our tips on how to buy drugs safely online aren’t rocket science. For the most part, they rely on your ability to take time to vet businesses and apply common sense to what you see.

Our team is confident that, armed with our guidance, you’ll be able to get the medications you need online while preserving your safety. If you still feel like you need more guidance on online drug purchases, we’re happy to continue helping!

Check out additional tips on our blog to continue fulling your need to know.