How To Quiet A Noisy Refrigerator Compressor


Is your fridge buzzing or making a rattling noise and don’t know from where they are coming? Does it feel like scolding you?

So, there must be a way to soundproof or fix your noisy fridge, right? Of course, there is!


Whether you have any old or a new fridge, it will inevitably be making some noises. Since your fridge needs to turned on all times, the sound coming from it will be constant.

But this buzzing is just normal, and after some time, it won’t even destruct you anymore. Most of the noises coming from refrigerators are just sounds of your fridge running, and you no need to be worried.

Sometimes, the noises coming from the refrigerator are nor that subtle, and there to be made some adjustments to fix them. Here we list a few types of noise, the reason behind the loud refrigerator, and how to fix them quickly. But do you think why we are wasting our time to fix these refrigerator issues? To avoid these situations, we can prefer to buy top refrigerator brands in India and we can say goodbye to the noises, right?

Anyway, there are also noise reduction kits available for the refrigerator to be purchased to solve your problems. But before starting- let’s see whether you can find the cause of the problem first.

Whistle, Dripping, and Water Dribbling Noises:

  • The cause of this type of noise can be because of the flowing of oil or refrigerant inside of a compressor.
  • You need not worry about this since it’s just the usual sound of your refrigerator working.

Noises of Sizzling, Gurgling, and Water Running:

  • These sounds are commonly heard when the is ice in the refrigerator is melting, and the water from the melted ice is dripping into the draining pan.
  • You no need to worry about these sounds since they are just normal, and it’s a part of a regular functioning fridge.

Buzzing and Clicking Noises:

  • This happens when the valve is opened or closed to let the water enter the ice maker.
  • It’s something that a fridge does and you can ignore it. But if you don’t need the ice, or if it’s not connected to the waterline, you probably just forgot to turn off the ice maker. And that’s all you need to do.

Rattling Noises:

  • It can be the sound of ice cubes being made and falling into their storage container.
  • It’s just a typical sound of the ice is ready to cool your drink on your summer days.
Cracking, Creaking and Grinding Noises
  • These are the sounds coming while the ice cubes are being prepared and pushing through the mold.
  • Once again, it’s just an ice cube, nothing to be worried about.

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Boring Clicking Noises
  • It’s just a sound of evaporating valve taking care of the temperature cooling.
  • You can get used to it because it’s just a normal sound of your refrigerator cooling.
The Noise of a Compressor that’s running for too long.. Do you know why.?
  • This happens in your refrigerator when they have high compressors, and they run for longer and much slower.
  • It’s just a typical sound that means your compressor is running efficiently.
Cracking Noises:
  • This is the sound of the fridge inside wall expanding and contracting due to the temperature changes.
  • It’s just a normal sound, which means your compressor is running efficiently.

It may sound like there are a lot of noises to keep an eye on, but most of these are just normal sounds and you probably wouldn’t even notice them.


Let’s go onto the soundproofing your refrigerator that makes irritating noises:

1. Identify the Cause of the Noise

First, you’ll have to listen to where the sound is coming from. Since many sounds are coming from your noisy fridge, it might be a little tricky, but pay attention to the sounds listed above or any new sounds.

A loud fridge isn’t the same as a noisy fridge, and when you take a look at the type of sounds its product, it won’t take you along to pinpoint the cause of the noise.

2. Vibrations from the floor

 You can try to make the legs of your fridge even, and so it stands on the floor firmly, and it does not cause any jumpy vibrations. You can also place some rubber matt underneath your noisy fridge since it’s very good at absorbing vibrations and overall noise.

Note: Make sure to measure the size of the mat you will need for placing under your refrigerator.

3. Fan Noises and Compressor

You must replace the part if there is a lot of noise coming out. If it’s the fan, it can be replaced for an affordable price, but if it’s the compressor that’s making you these problems, you should consider buying a new fridge.

 If the noise is still coming out from the fridge, even everything is excellent, and it can be some of the simple noises that I have mentioned above.

4. Soundproof Inside of your Fridge

Since it has shown to be very good at blocking the sound, you can stop it quickly. You can cover the motor of the fridge if you can access it. Or you can place the vinyl on the wall behind your fridge or around it, and a piece of it under your fridge as well.

This will help you from stopping the noise from escaping underneath it.

Final Words

Usually, all the fridges make some noise, and you may never be able to insulate it completely. But you can reduce these noises with the steps given above.

Also, keep in mind that someplace should be left empty for a fridge to function normally.

Prevention is best than cure, and whether you have a loud, noisy fridge or not, I would suggest you place a mat underneath it. I hope that you can have a good and peaceful day!