Side by Side Refrigerator


The side by side refrigerator is actually not new. Ever since 1965, this model has been available for use in households. Some of the top brands in India produce side by side refrigerators at expensive reates. Check out some of the best single door refrigarators because it helps you compare the cost, features and options available in the market.

Until recently, anyone who heard the word “refrigerator” generally only thought of the standard top freezer models, the side by side refrigerator has been gaining in popularity. In the last two decades this model along with the French door design has been closing in on the traditional top freezer refrigerator.  Soon, they may outnumber standard domestic units.

What is a Side by Side Refrigerator?

The side by side refrigerator takes the traditional model and shifts the design to the side instead of up and down. Rather than stacking freezer and refrigerator, the side by side refrigerator puts them beside each other. The unit features two doors, one usually wider than the other, so that access to each compartment is kept separate. The narrow side is generally the freezer portion while the wider side is the refrigerator. Side by side refrigerators are just as tall, wide, and deep as standard models.

Benefits of a Side by Side Refrigerator

The side by side refrigerator offers many of the same benefits as the French door model, minus the bottom freezer. The unit features two full length doors so that both refrigerator and freezer contents can be stacked from top to bottom, rather than corralling freezer goods in the top or bottom.

Some consumers prefer the double door design of a side by side refrigerator because they are narrower than standard upright models. This allows them to be opened fully even in a kitchen with limited walking area. The full length freezer design also allows for complete viewing of freezer contents without doing too much digging, provided the unit isn’t filled to maximum capacity.

Is the Side by Side Refrigerator Right for You?

Determining whether a side by side refrigerator is best for you really depends on your individual needs and the specific model you are interested in buying. Side by side units generally include the same functionality and features as French door and standard models with a slightly different layout. In the end, the biggest factor to consider in the decision is personal preference. Individuals with back or lifting concerns may prefer the side by side refrigerator design because it allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to food placement. Heavy items, such as large cuts of meat or jugs of liquid can be kept at arm level while lighter items can be tucked into the topmost shelves.

The side by side refrigerator also offers a narrower door design which is ideal for tight spaces. The unit will still need some room to open, but not as much as a standard model. Most come just as deep and tall, so they will still occupy the same amount of space on your kitchen floor.

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