How to Make Career in Share Market With Little Money?


Over the last three years, I researched several free learning portals. I joined a couple of online forums to study share market every day for 4 to 5 hours. All while working in an IT company at a minimum wage of Rs. 18,000.

Stock market always fascinates me. I grew up admiring my father and friends making money. It seems to be sought of gambling to me. But within the span of a few months, I learned that making money through stock investing is much more than gambling. Gambling is a practice of staking money in the market and hope for gain. But when you take an informed decision of trading it is referred to as stock trading. 

My goal was to establish a career in the stock market despite the lack of funds. This is how I started my journey to progress career in the financial sector.

What is Stock Market?

We all know the stock market involves the exchange of shares. Where traders buy or sell shares of publicly listed companies. The most exciting thing is that people can make share trading as a full-time career.

How to Get Started with Share Trading Career?

I began my research about share trading. I started collecting information through several resources both online and offline. Beginners may find the internet a chaotic mess. Learning from an internet source is like finding water in the Desert.

There is a simpler alternative to that. A website like IFMC Institute where you can reach and learn stock market certification course. Each program is designed that help newbie to learn the stock market from scratch. There are several online stock market courses on the internet which cost hundreds of dollars.

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IFMC institute unique selling point is that their courses are cost-effective and efficient. If you learn important skills from videos or classroom course. You can also try IFMC Institute classroom courses. It is an excellent way to learn the stock market.