5 Major Challenges Small Business Owners Face


Many brilliant people set up their business. They have grand visions, an experienced and dedicated team, and wonderful products and services. In spite of all this, they still are unable to scale up their business. As a result, society is also at a loss as it is not able to get the benefits of the powerful product or service idea.

Here’s a quick review of the situation of the small business owners that highlights the business mistakes often committed by them. By addressing them, you can start your business with a positive thought and at the same time, scale it up to earn good profits.

Raising Funds during Austerity

Most banks grant business loans to big firms that are generating excellent profits. As a result, it is often seen that a small business owner find it difficult to raise funds. So, small business owners end up opting for borrowing from family and friends or crowdsourcing. But these options are not feasible. So, they need to look for other possibilities for arranging funds.

Many NBFCs are operating in the market that understands this situation and offer small business loans to enterprises that require immediate finances to fund their business. Whenever you feel the need to raise additional funds for your small business, you can avail an NBFC business loan at easy to meet eligibility criteria and minimal documentation.

Building a Business Plan and Following it

All enterprises need to have a strong business plan—to help them achieve milestones. And a business plan is based on market realities and customer insight. It involves an adequate focus on both – operational targets and raising funds.

A business plan highlights the short-term and long-term organisational goals, along with a well-defined target audience. An experienced and action-oriented team is required to turn a business plan into action.

However, many small business owners don’t feel the need for a business plan which is a wrong strategy. Planning and then evaluating the performance systematically is imperative.

You can also hire a resource who would primarily stay focused on meeting business numbers. But if you don’t have enough funds to hire extra resources, this may not be possible. Therefore, you are recommended to stay committed to your business plan and review it weekly. This way, you will ensure that your business is on the path to growth and is growing as per the plan. 

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Hiring the Right Team

Hiring the right team is crucial to scale up the business venture. Many entrepreneurs multi-task, they raise funds and act as a product manager and run the business as well. This may be an excellent option to save the cost of additional funds but won’t be feasible for the long run. The entrepreneur needs to invest most of his time in running the business efficiently. And in this process, he may not get spare time to look at other process and tasks.

With the right people, you can focus on your work while they will work towards finding the best solution that works for your company. Without a business plan and the right and experienced people, business growth is challenging.

Business Management & Growth Planning

Small businesses that offer excellent products and services, quickly grow in the market and reach saturation point. Here, business management comes into play. Business owners who have not planned for growth are often not able to encash on this opportunity.

Many companies offer the best products and services but are limited to specific geography or city. The primary reason for this is that they are not able to scale up their business due to lack of funds. But, the current financial market allows to avail business loans for the growth of the business.

Small and medium enterprises play a vital role in the economy of the country. They help alleviate poverty by providing employment and offer a brighter future to people. However, like all big organisations, small enterprises too face challenges while scaling up their business operations.

Most of the challenges are related to funding, hiring people, business process, and technology. To grow your business, entrepreneurs need to find all the issues and address the same. But it all depends on the short and long-term goals of the business owners, which eventually will encourage him and lead him to run a successful and thriving business.