How Successful People Make Most of Their eCommerce Manager

The Never to Miss Features in Your Ecommerce Website

Nowadays anyone who wants to sell something earn some money can set up an ecommerce shop. However building an ecommerce site is not as easy as bed of roses. Many people are successful today because of their ecommerce business and are thriving to grow their business even more. These successful people have made the best use of their ecommerce managers and guided them perfectly. That is the only reason their business is doing so well. They have a great team leader who handles every task with utmost importance. In this article I will be sharing with you how to make the most out of your ecommerce manager. Here are the skills successful people look for in their ecommerce manager-

Testing, measuring and learning– An ecommerce manager should never make decisions based on assumptions. Do not presume to know what your users are looking for. Ecommerce makes testing very simple. Watch your analytics and notice after a change is made. Do not just rely on google analytics. There is a limited insight to gain from page views, sessions and bounce rate. You can use event tracking and conversion funnels that can help you truly understand the behavior of your visitors. Make contextually sound decisions based on that data.

Google tag manager can make setting up events for google analytics a cinch. Notice how users interact with your website in real time. There is a tool named hotjar which can record videos of real users interacting with your web pages. You can also create heat maps to show sections where web pages are being interacted most.  User testing has somewhat same effect but can be more time consuming.  It is best that you learn from watching your users than you ever could from trying to decipher the data from google analytics.And all for that they optimized their site by following proper SEO guideline and for first step is that well and quality SEO friendly website as well.

Overall site performance: Most people try to log in eCommerce website from mobile and research say almost 60% are mobile users. So when you prepare your website you need to keep in mind your website is mobile friendly and loading quickly on any device. Some people use Shopify they are really good at speed and performance but when you use other CMS like word press or PHP you need to optimize your site by your developer properly. Other big claim from user is not quality image, eCommmece users only make their decision before buying to see product image so that you need to show high quality and proper optimized image for your users. For that you can optimized every single image on Photoshop but basically Ecommerce website have bulk amount of image. For that you can try some photo editing company like CPH graphic media they help you to optimized every single image.

Aiming to add values, not feature– It can be very tempting to add every feature you see. There are many good features like one step checkout, loyalty programs, cart recovery tools, live chat, customer reviews etc. Not always is it that you will find more features is better. Add features that add value to your business. Useless features add nothing to your business.

Adding more features can create cluttering feeling in your platform which can have a negative impact on the customer experience and turn your sales down. Do not take decisions on your own and do your research. If you do proper research you can forecast the return on investment. The success or failure of a feature you add will depend on you the ecommerce manager to determine if this feature is for your business or not.

Seeking feedback from customers– A great ecommerce manager will not shy away from criticism. Read the comments on your social media profiles. Do not leave it to your customer service to bring you the issue that your customer is facing. Actively seek out what is bothering the customers. Your social channels can provide you with valuable feedback on your ecommerce store. A good ecommerce manager will set up weekly meeting with customer service team or service manager. This is to know the most common enquiries that the customer service team are receiving. Using google alerts can make sure you are notified anytime your company is mentioned online.

Being wherever your customer’s are– It is good to make nose into your customers business and knowing where their online presence is most. Find out where majority of your customers spend time at. Is there a forum or a reddit or a social network where they regularly post? The ecommerce manager will know this for a fact that the customer will not always seek out your ecommerce store rather it is you who needs to seek them out and let them know what new products you have. You might feel particular social networks are not matching with your brand but if the customers are there then you should have a presence there too. Here is an example- snapchat has been the recent social media trend where ecommerce businesses have started to grow like mushrooms. Before many ecommerce businessmen did not think this social site would be a proper marketing spot. But since they figured out influencers can market for them there, they have started marketing their brand on that social media too.

The customer must be heard– The most powerful ambassador for any brand is the customers. Criticism from your customers will carry you far than any of your organization members. Because the customers have no reason to lie they are not getting paid to leave bad reviews. If there is a problem in your website they will leave a comment on it. Some customers are really harsh in criticizing. So it is best to calm down and listen to their problem and trying to understand how to solve it. Encourage your customers to provide feedback. Testimonials can be very powerful way to generate social proof.

Final verdict

Finally if you want to be a great ecommerce manager I hope you will embrace these skills I have talked about and use these skills to make your ecommerce store successful and become a great team leader.