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Are you looking for a free blog site that can help you share your thoughts with the world? Pulchra is a leading website that believes in sharing the most appropriate information with the viewers through quality content. We have one of the best writers that share information after rigorous study and research. Whether you want to practice your writing and share your thoughts to a wider audience, Pulchra is a great way to connect with the like-minded people all around the world.

Key Features of Pulchra.org

  • DA 36
  • Google News Approved
  • Traffic Mostly From US

Benefits of sharing your content on Pulchra.Org

  • It’s flexible to share content on Pulchra, so you can work anytime as per your convenience.
  • With our website, your content can reach a wider audience and share your thoughts to impact on people’s lives.
  • Readers from all around the globe visit our website, so you’ll have a lot of support and guidance.
  • Our user-interface is very nicely streamlined, so that any beginner can use it.
  • You can experiment with your writing skills and learn something new regularly
  • There are a bunch of amazing features on the websites.
  • You’ll have an authentic online platform where you can have your writing portfolio to show others.

General Guidelines to share content

  • Content length

The minimum length of the content should not be less than 1200 words. We are giving you a platform where a huge mob audience visits, so it’s important that you elaborately share your thoughts with the visitors. The topic, you’ve chosen to share with the audience must be elaborated in a clean and crispy way.

  • Quality of content

We want our writers to be honest with us. One can post one’s article or blog on our website only if the content is unique and original. The blog or article that you’ve published somewhere else cannot be published at any cost. Any paragraph, blog, sentence or article cannot be copied from our website and shared on the others. Re-phrased content is also not allowed to be shared on Pulchra.

  • Elaborated Self-promotion is prohibited

Pulchra is a platform where you can publish unique and original content that can help our readers. If you want to promote your website, social platform, company or business, you can only share it in 2-3 sentences. Elaborated promotional content is prohibited on our website.

  • Interesting topic

To grab the attention of a potential reader, it’s important to choose an interesting title/topic for your content. Playing with words is one of the most amazing ways to draw the attention of the audience. You can use the latest topics that are discussed all around the world to attract visitors.

  • Avoid mistakes

There is a huge number of grammar Nazis on the internet, so we recommend you to share mistake-free content. Avoid making mistakes in your blogs/articles and share good quality content. Write to build trust among the audience and maintain a good relationship with customers.

  • Use images

Publish your content always with pictures. Tweets with photographs attract interest of the readers than links or texts. Images trigger the ‘mind-mapping’ function. You must use images in your content to make it interesting and engaging. This way you can attract visitors on your content.

Follow the general guidelines completely before publishing content on our website. We are providing you with an amazing platform to use your writing skills in the right way, use it wisely. 

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