Top 5 Map and Navigation Applications


No one can deny the fact that maps have been very useful for humans throughout the world from eras. In this contemporary era, developers found many applications of maps and navigations for ease of people on their devices that are helping people very much in order to know routes easily.

  • All Village Map:This application has got a very high rating and reviews on social media sites.This map application shows routes of all rural areas by choosing states and districts. It also shows local attractions, live streets, gram naksha,local shops and much more over it.All the categories are differentiated by coloured pins that differ from each other by colours. It also allows users to see through live satellite map. It is a user-friendly app and easily understandable by anyone. This app is of just 9.4M.
  • Mobile Number Location GPS:Only 5.4MB of internet data is required to download and install this amazing app.Nearly million people throughout the globe are using this application on daily basis. This application can track any place by its address and device location of any person by few simple steps. It is fastest and easiest app to use on android devices. It can even show whole identity of any individual by his or her phone number. It is the most interesting and informative app that can work online as well as offline very well.
  • Live Street View – GPS Navigation, Earth Map:This application allows individuals to go through GPS navigation, earth satellite map, live street view, and many more features. This app shows maps which are up to date. Detailed information of 2D and 3D views are also provided. Live building and streets can also be seen. 360-degree view and clear view of traffic can also be seen with the source of Google earth. It also shows travel time and distance left from the final destination.It is just of 6.7M of size.
  • Earth Map Satellite View, Route Directions:This app is a GPS PRO as it offers many features under a single roof. Live traffic, nearby attractions, live earth map, street view and even routes can also be found in this application easy. It only requires 7.4MB to make a space in android device. Therefore, it is easy to use. 
  • Offline World Map:This app offers its users to surf through the world map without the access of internet. It is only of 7.9M and almost free while operating it further.This application not only tells about satellite, hybrid views and street view map but also can show top 10 mountains, peaks, rivers and wonder of the world. It can also be turned into a normal map of any particular country among 200+ nations with their national flags thatmakes it easy to read about political boundaries and much more. Different facts can also be known from this app.

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