13 Unusual Yet Amazing Lesser Known Facts About Orchid Flowers

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We all have been mesmerized by the beauty and elegance of this flower, right? We all have gifted orchids to our near and dear ones at least once in our life. Since this flower has the aura to bring smiles on our faces so effortlessly, I don’t think of a better alternative that exists for this flower. You can send flowers to anyone whom you want to make smile from Winni. What could be nature’s better gift to us other than flowers? I don’t believe there is any. Flowers are not just pleasing to our eyes but also soothes our souls like anything. Regardless of the fact that we have been so familiar with these flowers since our childhood, did you know that that there are few species of orchids that have a life more than 100 years, shocking, right? Wait, there is more. Orchid flowers have the most extensive variety. By this, I meant that they have officially documented 25,000 plus species registered.

Moreover, except for the areas having an extreme cold or hot weather, scientists are likely to find new species of orchids everywhere. So, it is natural that a flower having this massive variety must be having some fantastic and surprising facts about it, right? Here are a few of them gathered that you would never think existed. So, let’s dive into the article.

  • The size of orchids may vary surprisingly. They could be as small as a penny or could be as gigantic as they weigh double the hundred pounds. Orchid flowers can weigh up to a hundred kilograms to one ton. Curious to check the heavyweight orchid, right? You can get these from any flower delivery across India.
  • Orchids have a bilaterally symmetrical structure, and hence can be easily divided into two equal parts.
  • The texture, size, and shape of this flower depend on its habitat. Orchids that grow in dry areas tend to have thick leaves that are covered with wax while orchids living in humid or warm areas have elongated and thin leaves. Whereas, there are some species of orchids that do not have leaves at all.
  • These flowers are different from others in the sense that they do not have the usual roots; rather, they have tuber, rhizome, or aerial roots.
  • Orchids can survive or sustain themselves under the ground, on land attached to some woody plant, etc.
  • Some of these orchids have parasitic nature. They do not produce food i.e., sugar using carbon dioxide and sunlight. Hence, they have to obtain their food from fungi residing in their roots.
  • Now, some species of orchids share a specialized or tight relationship with specific insects. To quote you an example, the petals of the orchids in terms of shape and color when match with the female insect, the orchid is likely to attract male insects which may further lead to pollination. Ophrys apifera is one such species of orchids that attracts male bee due to its bee-like appearance and luring smell. So when a male bee visits this flower, it carries pollen with it which git further transfers to the next orchid it visits.
  • Did you know that Orchids have specialized pollination and if species of insects get extinct then orchids too extinct?
  • Depending upon the species of this flower, the flower of orchid can live from a few hours to even six months.
  • Only a few seeds grow into mature plants out of the several millions of tiny seeds orchids produce.
  • Orchids are also very useful to humans. Perfumes, traditional Asian medicines, and even species are manufactured using Orchids.
  • Vanilla planifolia, one of the species of Orchids, is the real source of producing Vanilla flavor.
  • Orchids have been in the picture for a long time now. As per the evidence gathered from fossils, these flowers have been around us for more than 100 million years now. Keep yourself surrounded by these elegant flowers every time to boost your mood every time. Get flowers online of any type and any size and keep yourself stress-free.

So, it is not just the beauty of this flower that can surprise us, but the flower does have some facts that we found to be very rare and unusual from others, right? However, we primarily use this flower to make people close to our hearts happy. Bring an ear to ear smile on their faces by availing online flower delivery services and let them bloom as bright as these orchids do. With flower delivery, let your love and wishes reach your near and dear ones instantly.

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