10 Best Halloween Costumes for Females


Confused what to wear this Halloween? Don’t worry.  Here are the 10 best Halloween costumes that will leave you feeling sexy and spooky to the core. Grab the latest Spirit Halloween coupon and shop for these costumes at the best prices.

1. The Nightmarish Babe costume

This costume is a pinstripe mini dress in black and white. The sleeves are full. A jumbo size satin bow in black at the neck attracts the eye. The dress has attached tuxedo tails, plus a black lace trim.

Pair it with black stockings and pointed-toe heels for the ultimate effect.

2. Skull costume

The beauty of this costume, a tank dress, is that you can wear it anytime, not just Halloween. The dress features a full-size skull. It comes with attached garters having silver clips. The neck is scooped and straps are thick.

Pair it with a mean look!

3. Pumpkin costume

What’s Halloween without a pumpkin? For the sexier costume look, choose a tank dress. For a cute look, choose a frock-like dress.

Don’t forget your heels.

4. Spiderweb costume

This is a tank dress featuring a giant white spider printed at the front. The cape is in the shape of a web and there are wrist cuffs to attach the cape so that the web is all spread.

Pair this dress with meshed stockings to create the ultimate “spidey” look.

5.  Black Widow Spider costume

Well, well, who’s here? The Black Widow spider! The costume is a dress in black fleece with full sleeves. It features a zipper closure in the front, a red bodice, and an attached hood.

The big attraction of this dress is the multiple spider legs attached to the sleeves!

6. Dark Angel costume

This costume is a lovely chiffon and organza dress in grey. It has an attached pair of wings. The dress features a low-cut bust and intricate embroidery. It comes with a rose halo. The wings are made of soft chiffon to make you feel like an angel.

Pair this costume with black stilettos for the ultimate look.

7. Swashbuckler costume

This costume is for the bold. The dress features a romper in velvet black, a taffeta jacket in bold flocked magenta, faux leather belt, and other details. It comes with a pirate hat in black.

Complete the look with knee-high or thigh-high boots.

8. Pirate costume

The pirate costume is an all-time hit. You can choose a sexy costume or a scary one. It can come with an off-shoulder blouse or with a fully-covered blouse. There is also a choice in the length of skirt. Choose a short skirt or a long one. You can also get this costume in a dress.

Add high-heeled boots and a headscarf to this look.

9. Cave Woman costume

Become a sensuous cave woman this Halloween with a leopard-print halter dress. It comes with a matching armband and headband. If you don’t want a dress, you can wear a wrap-around skirt in leopard print. Pair it with a matching bralet.

Pair the look with strappy flip flops. Cave women didn’t have boots then, right?

10. Howling Ghost costume

This is a simple white A-cut dress with a howling ghost imprinted in the front. The eyes and mouth of the ghost are done in black. You can either wear a short dress or a long, flowing, A-cut silhouette.

To add more drama and real-ness in your look, make sure you get your makeup right. It should complement the costume you are wearing.

For example, if you are wearing the Howling Ghost costume, create a white or pale face. You can even keep your hair messy and loose, most of it falling over your face.

So, what are you waiting for? Preparations for Halloween are in full swing. Choose your costume. Bring out those makeup boxes. It’s time to give people a frightful jump. Don’t forget to visit Don’tPayAll to get the latest coupons and codes.

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