5 Multi-Purpose Garden Tools


Keeping your garden alive is easier if you have the right tools to help you. Pruning, cutting and maintaining all your plants, flowers, and trees can sometimes be difficult and expensive.  Here are some of the best multi-purpose garden tools you use and buy, and it’ll save you a lot of money in the future. They are versatile to use, and you can easily switch from one tool to another without the hassle.

Black + Decker Seasonmaster Cordless

Black and Decker made a reputation for themselves as one of the best companies for functional and reliable tools. It’s no surprise that the company is also succeeding in its cordless multi-garden tool. Their device can be used for any task and with great lengths, despite being cordless. It’s just as powerful as its petrol counterparts and can get the job done quite perfectly.

This multi-purpose tool comes with the standard attachments like:

  • Chain saw – can cut through thick branches, but not as well as its competitors.
  • Hedge trimmer – can help you trim your hedges with ease.
  • Stimmer – powerful enough to cut through dense vegetation or lawn with ease.
  • Leaf blower – a perfect tool for cleaning out your garden. Most attachments don’t come with a leaf blower, so this is plus points for Black and Decker.

BU-KO Petrol

Petrol’s multi-gardening tools are both powerful and versatile, and it has five different attachments to choose from. It should be enough for your gardening needs, and it’s versatile enough to work within a small or large garden. The BU-KO’s engine is powerful enough to cut through thick substances, like branches or dense grass. It’s the perfect all-around tool you’ll need, whether you plan on using at home or outside.

The attachments are easy to use and are essential to maintaining a garden, and they include the following:

  • Brush Cutter – can cut even the densest grass and leaves
  • Chainsaw – can be used to cut shrubs, trees, and thick grass, regardless of thickness;
  • Hedge trimmer – versatile enough to reach even the highest and narrowest angles with ease.
  • Strimmer – powerful enough to move around in dense or thick vegetation
  • Trimmer – you can attach an extension for this one, for hard to reach areas.

Hyundai 52 cc Petrol

You can expect a lot from this multi-gardening tool, primarily since Hyundai powers it. You can imagine expecting that the machine is packed with a lot of power and strength in one performance, and it’s an investment to last you for years. The best part about this tool is that it comes with a three-year warranty, emphasizing its durable quality.

Unfortunately, the Hyundai 52 cc doesn’t come with the standard chainsaw and hedge trimmer, which is usually common for most gardening tools. However, it offers a lot of attachment alternatives, just as powerful as the engine:

  • Brush cutting blades – suitable for trimming or cutting grass without any problem
  • 3 and 8 blade attachments – perfect for cutting through shrubs, roots, among others. The 8 blade attachment is especially suitable for thicker roots.
  • Cutting and strimming tool – made of lightweight materials, which make it easy to attach and use for gardening.

P1PE 52cc Powered by Hyundai

This multi-gardening tool is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a high-performance tool for different gardening needs. It has four attachments, which are enough to maintain and transform your garden into what it needs to be. When it comes to its performance and power, this multi-purpose tool can cut through the toughest growth without consuming too much fuel like other tools.

Its attachments include:

  • Chainsaw – anything that the tri-blade can’t easily cut will be the chainsaw’s job.
  • Hedge cutter – keeps your hedges uniformed and clean looking. You can even attach an extension pole for hard tor each area.
  • Tri-blade – easy to remove and attachment procedure. Perfect for tough growing plants like shrubs.
  • Extension pole.

Parker 5 In 1 Petrol

The Parker multi-garden tool is not as versatile as the two others mentioned above, but its powerful enough for home use. This tool works well with home gardening and not professional use, like those above. Nevertheless, it can cut through thick and dense grow outs in your yard with high speed and precisions.

The parker comes with standard attachments:

  • Brush cutter – can take care of cutting through the toughest branches with ease.
  • Chainsaw – perfect for thicker branches.
  • Extension pole – it can extend your reach by an additional 105 centimeters.
  • Hedge trimmer – easy to use, especially with the extension pole.
  • Strimmer – perfect for everyday use, to cut your grass and thin them out.

You’ll need various types of garden tools, but it’s a good thing there are multi-purpose garden tools which are cost-effective and gets the job done. You can maintain your garden without spending too much on specific instruments, and pull out your multi-purpose tools.