5 Considerable Tips Before Buying a Golf Course Mower

Buying Golf Course Mower

Maintaining 30 hectares of land with the right length of lush green turf is not an easy thing. You need years of experience as well as powerful tools specifically meant for professional use. The most important equipment in your golf course fleet is a mower. The mowers of golf courses are not like you see in the community parks. They are multi-functional and more powerful. Mowing of grass at different heights in different areas is a task of precision. If you are using an inferior quality mower, there will be no perfection in trimming and even the roots may also damage. These mowers are expensive equipment so there must be some important factors to consider while investing. For your convenience, we are mentioning some points below. 

What to look in a golf course mower 

1. Work Efficiency

An 18 hole golf course occupies almost 70 hectares of land out of which 30 hectares is maintained turf. In order to maintain such a broad landmass, you need powerful golf course equipment that works faster while maintaining the precision of trimming. Check the engine capacity and cooling technique. It is advisable to visit a multi-brand store where you can find models of different efficiencies. They can help in suggesting the right equipment according to your budget and requirement. 

2. Blades compatibility

The most important component of a golf course mower is its blade. If the blades are not designed with precision, they will root out the turf. Before buying, ask them to show a demo of trimming. Operate it by yourself to make sure that the blades are cutting precisely in all settings. For instance, try to run your reel mower at its lowest setting of the tees area to confirm that it is not damaging the roots. 

3. Comfort for user

Operate the mower manually to check the ease of harnessing controls. Remember one thing that you to drive a mower for around 1-2 hours continuously. Sometimes, the job may need to be executed in the day time under hot climatic conditions. Therefore, check the comfort of seats and shade. There must be a cool top canopy to work in hot climatic conditions. 

4. Expansion possibilities 

Buying golf course mower is a one-time investment for the long term. While making your decision regarding the selection, make sure that the mowing machine is capable of handling multiple blades at a time. The most powerful mowers can operate five reels at a time in all directions. You can attach or detach any extension according to the need of a particular area. The options of single and three extensions are also available. 

5. After-sale service 

If you are investing in expensive Golf course lawn mowers, confirm their after-sale service status in your locality. Check the nearest service station where you can get repair and parts replacement service. 

Two different types of mowers you need to maintain the golf course 

1. Reel Mower

Reels are the extension blades arranged in a helical structure. An extension of reel mower may have 5 to 9 blades. For high precision in trimming, we recommend reel mower. It is suitable for tees and fairways. 

2. Rotary Mower 

Rotary mowers have blades like a chopper that cut grass horizontally. It works faster but not suitable for the tasks of precision. You can use a rotary mower to maintain the area of greens and rough. 
Always consider these important tips whenever you think about investing in a golf course mower. Also, check the brand name popular among the golf course maintenance professionals. 

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