Some Things you Should know about Yerevan’s Districts

Some Things you Should know about Yerevan Districts

The largest city of Armenia- Yerevan, which is also its capital, is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. The history of Armenian capital begins from 8th century BC , when king Argishti I built the fortress of Erebuni.

If you want to truly feel Yerevan’s atmosphere and experience it as a local, you might consider discovering not only it’s touristic center, but also its other districts. Not only it will give you a glimpse of locals daily lives, but also it will make possible for you to see many important buildings and architectural monuments. Considering the latter, a big number of buildings designed in socialist-modernism style are located in different parts of the city.

Where to rent a car in Yerevan?

Overall, Yerevan has 12 districts and the most comfortable and time-efficient way to discover those is by driving. In case you are wondering where to rent a car in Yerevan, the answer is pretty easy- it’s possible to rent it directly from Zvartnots International airport as soon as you land in Armenia. If you plan to stay in Yerevan for more than a week, definitely, using car- rental services will be of big help and will make your stay as convenient as possible.

Where to rent a car in Yerevan

Luckily, Yerevan is not very big, therefore if driving you can reach from any given location to another in approximately one hour. You can rent a car for a month in Yerevan and discover all the districts. Below are some interesting facts about some of Yerevanian neighborhoods:


The largest in terms of area is Erebuni located in the southeast part of the city, where also Erebuni fortress and Erebuni museum are located.  West from Erebuni is situated Shengavit– the second largest and the most industrialized district of the city.  


The downtown district is called “Kentron” literally translated as centre. Many important sightseeing spots, such as The Republic Square, Cascade, Matenadaran, as well as museums, cinemas, libraries, universities and parks are located here. It is divided into unofficial neighborhoods, one of which is Kond. 


Kond is one of the oldest quarters of Yerevan. With small and atmospheric houses, the neighborhood was not gentrified or renewed unlike other quarters located in the city centre. It is also considered to be a rather dangerous area with criminal soviet past. However, nowadays, it is gaining more and more popularity mostly because it kept its face and did not turn into an ordinary quarter. Moreover, now, one can find Kond street art gallery there with various works of street art drawn not only by local, but also guest-artists.


One of the greenest districts in Yerevan is Ajapnyak with several parks, such as Tumanyan Park, Buenos-Aires Park and Liberator’s park. Also, one of the important technological centers in Yerevan- TUMO center for Creative Technologies is located there at the end of Tumanyan Park. Aside from driving there, you can also have unforgettable bike rides around the park.

Aside from discovering Yerevanian districts, renting a car will be convenient in case you want to go further from Yerevan and travel around Armenia more generally. In that case weekly car rental in Yerevan can be another solution. No matter how long, a car rental will allow you to explore all the hidden streets and corners of Armenian capital.

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