Jakarta-Land of Thousand Islands

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Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, a pulsating, lively city with a population of 10 million. The town is metropolitan in spirit, as people of different ethnics live in this city harmoniously and peacefully. Thousands of people commute in the city for livelihood and depart in the evening. When you walk down the streets of Jakarta, you experience the essence of the town, there are wide avenues, along with narrow lanes bustling with cars and motorbikes. With many suburbs, Jakarta is a big city. This city is both the political and financial center of the country.

The inn

Hotel Jakarta features restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and gyms. The rooms are spacious and well furnished with free Wi-Fi and flat televisions. The room service is prompt and excellent. You will find accommodation with free parking space, and breakfast and welcome drink. The staffs are well mannered, polite and the quality of food and beverages is outstanding. The service is personalized, and the tariff is reasonable.

The national monument

This 132-meter high monument was built to pay homage to freedom fighters. With a nominal entry fee, you can climb to the top to have a sweeping view of the city. This magnificent architecture is very popular among Indonesian people. This place is not only visited by tourists, but also by local people. At night the monument is decorated with lights making the ambience very alluring and pleasant.

Isatiqlal mosque

Visit this marble wonder built in 1978, and is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. While staying in Jakarta, pay a visit to this splendid mosque, which can accommodate 200,000 public. The courtyard of the mosque is made of marble. The design of the construction is very unique and noticeable.

Retreat to tranquility

If you want to spend some quiet, tranquil moments away from the bustling city, then the thousand islands is the ideal destination. These islands are located on the north coast of the city; it is a safe haven located in midst of nature. Though this fantastic place is not well known, it features many restaurants, resorts, beautiful beaches, and spellbound surroundings. Though the name is a thousand islands, there are around 150 to 300 islands. Stay in one of the islands for a night to experience the whispers and touch of nature. If you stay for a night, you can watch the glorious sunset and sunrise from there.

Taman Suropati

This splendid park is situated in Menteng, Jakarta. This park is one of the popular tourist spots in the city. The park is located at the juncture of three roads. While strolling through the park, you have some quiet moments with your family and friends. Shopping is another favorite pastime of Jakarta. There are many handcrafted merchandise and crafts to bring back home as a memento. The flea market in Menteng is the perfect place to do some shopping. You will find an array of items in the market from Indonesian art and craft, ethnic handloom, precious antiques to lip-smacking local cuisines.