Famous Places To Visit In Dubai


When we here about Dubai the first thought comes to mind is beautiful, the beautiful buildings which are record holders, beautiful malls with unlimited shopping product which are modern, antique and ancient, with all these there is a lot of different food to taste. You can taste traditional to any foreign food there. The best thing about Dubai is the beautiful places, every building present there is famous for its own antique design and most of the building there has a place in the world’s genius book.

The most enjoyable activity held there is Desert Safari Dubai. It is very famous and most of the people especially went there to enjoy it. In Dubai, there is a proper set up for tourists with proper planning. That means if you are going to visit Dubai you won’t have any issue visiting any of the places in there.  

List of the famous places in Dubai:

Well, Dubai is famous for different things, not a single reason to say no to visit Dubai. Many peoples are waiting for a single opportunity that makes their dream to visit Dubai comes true. While Dubai has a lot of attractive and famous places but here are some of them to visit if you want to make your trip to Dubai memorable and mesmerizing: there are a lot of things to do in dubai

1: Jumeirah Beach

2: Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

3: Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

4: IMG Worlds of Adventure

5: Dubai Opera

6: Kite Beach

7: Alserkal Art District

Jumeirah Beach:

This is one of the best places to stay for tourists as around the white sandy beach hotels are there all along its length. It is the number one beach destination for tourists and visitors. This beach is filled with excellent facilities like restaurants, plenty of sun loungers, and for jet skiing, there are water sports operators. Just close to this beach there is a place called Majlis Ghorfat Um Al-Shelf, this place was built in 1955. Late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al-Maktoum lived here, especially in summer. This place is made up of gypsum and coral-block as their beautifully restored and maintained as it is still new and giving you an example of the lifestyle of ancient rich people. The garden there has an impressive Arab irrigation system and many shady date palms.  

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary:

This is the dream place for skyscrapers as it gives you a natural vista. It is having a mangroves forests and wetlands of Dubai creek. Uncountable flamingos are spotted here in winters as it is there a prime place. There are a lot of places to hide for watchers so they can enjoy a good view of birdlife by scaring them. Especial lagoons are made there for these pink birds so when these birds backdropped by soaring high rises give pleasure and beautiful look.   

Crossroads of  Civilizations Museum:

This museum shows the time when the Arab Emirates was doing trading with Asia, Africa, and Europe before oil becomes the most important industry. It is located in the residence of a member of Dubai’s ruling family named Sheikh Hashir Bin Maktoum. Inside this museum, it displays the artifacts and manuscripts. It also exhibits trace the coastal history of the coastal areas as it is part of the global trade routes. It also has a small armory museum.   

IMG Worlds Of Adventure:

This theme park has thrills and spills for both kids and their elders. It is present near the global village and has immersive entertainment at its finest. This whole theme park has many mesmerizing things like marvel’s iconic characters, dinosaur-themed ride, a zone where the cartoon network takes the helm. In there you will be having gentler rides and activities for younger kids. The most attractive point is in this park no matter what is age because there are activities for every aged people. You can enjoy in their by scaring yourself in a hunted house, help the avengers in battle Ultron, or you can swing like a spider-man. This is heaven for those who want there to be memorable for the lifetime. So you should visit this theme park if you searching for a fun-filled day.