A Blueprint For Crab Island Excursion


Many families make it a habit of vacationing in Florida during the end of July and early August every year to enjoy the endless attractions of Destin.  Located in northwest Florida at the heart of the Emerald Coast, the city is renowned for its beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, the scenic Destin Harbor Boardwalk and the exceptional golf courses. But the biggest attraction beyond the picturesque views from the land is the magnificent underwater creatures that draw numerous visitors every year.

Crab Island is the place where you will find hordes of bottle-nosed dolphins. They provide fantastic sight and entertainment to tourists who van view the creatures and enjoy its antics from very close by embarking one of the Dolphin Tours offered by Destiny Water Adventures

What Is Crab Island?

The most sought-after place in Florida for those who want to soak in the beautiful sun and sand, Crab Island is a wonderful vacation destination. Although called an island, it is not an island anymore but only a submerged sandbar in shallow water which is the result of years of erosion faced by the two islands that existed many years ago.

Crab Island has become the most picturesque and popular hangouts as it is easy to anchor the boats in the shallow waters for the day and spend a day of endless fun amid the laps of nature.  Depending on where you go on the island and the tide, the water depth varies between 1 and 4 feet.

Crab Island Excursion

The island offers a peaceful waterfront protected from surf and waves that visitors would otherwise have to encounter, and the pristine blue waters form a perfect backdrop for fun and adventure both on water and land. There are tons of opportunities for water sports enthusiasts to get the most from the trip who can hop on to a kayak or paddleboat and navigate around the island to enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings. 

For indulging in some daring acts on water, visitors who want to send their adrenaline gushing can choose some jet ski rentals to fly through the waves and enjoy the thrills of adventure sports.  Another option is to spend time relaxing lazily on a boat that you can hire while basking in the radiant sunlight and drifting with the breeze on the water.

To quench your thirst and hunger, you can reach out for the multiple floating vendors and restaurants and keep pursuing your excursion goals.

Be On Your Own

To arrive at Crab Island, you must arrange your transport by renting a boat or pontoon because you can only reach it by water. It is by far the best means to reach the island unless you dare to swim across from Fort Walton Beach as the distance might seem quite reachable which it is not.

You may try to whizz across to the island on jet Ski too. But for family, a boat trip is the best way to step on the island during high tide, which is the best time to be there.