7 Most Common Vacation Problems


Travel is supposed to be fun, but sometimes problems come up that can’t be avoided. This will highlight some of the problems that you might experience. You’ll also learn about some solutions to these common woes.

Flight Cancellation

This is one of the worst. Sometimes a flight is cancelled and there’s no way to reach your destination. If this was a flight involving the EU, then you should consider a cancelled EU flight claim. According to Travel Refund, “passengers are entitled to compensation for cancelled flights or flights that are delayed more than 3 hours.”

Whether or not a cancelled EU flight claim is available, you can also talk to an airline representative and see if there are any similar flights that will bring you to your destination.


Delays are almost as bad as cancellations. This is especially true for long delays that last hours or even a whole day. Most people think about flight delays, but there can also be delays with ships, buses and anything else. You’re still getting to your destination, but you should consider adjusting any time-sensitive arrangements. For example, you may have to contact your hotel and car rental place and adjust your timing.

Change of Flight

Flight changes can include a variety of circumstances. There might be an extra connecting flight, longer delays between flights or a longer route that prevents you from reaching your destination in a timely fashion. Much like with delays, just stay calm and change any time-sensitive arrangements as needed.


Bad weather can be devastating for a trip with lots of outdoor activity. Some attractions will partially or entirely close depending on the weather. This can also delay travel. You can’t control the weather, but you can do your best to get around it and still have fun. Have a bad weather plan ready just in case this happens during your vacation.

Missing Bags

Sometimes bags go missing while you’re traveling. The bags might be lost for a few hours, days or even forever. While this is an uncommon problem, there are things you can do to minimize the damage. Only bring things that you can replace. You should try Store luggage in New York City. Be sure to speak with an airline representative and get their exact procedures for handling missing bags.

Hotel Cancellation

This isn’t as bad a problem as it used to be, but it’s still frustrating. If your hotel has been cancelled, then seek an immediate refund. You should also see if they have any comparable rooms. If not, then look online for similar hotels in the area. You should have no problems reaching a similar hotel with your GPS.

Rental Car Issue

The most common issue is that the car you ordered isn’t available. If this is the case, then see if there is a comparable car that you can order. You can often find other rental car places in the nearby area. You may not be able to get the car or price that you initially wanted, but you should be able to get a car that meets your needs.


While vacation problems come up, you can usually get through them with a calm mind. Just stay relaxed, focus on the solution and you’ll be able to fix the problem while still having fun.