7 best places to visit in Amsterdam

7 best places to visit in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands in Europe Amsterdam is famous for its beaches, canal cruises, and beautiful gardens. It one of the best and favorite tourist places in the world which are known for his culture and museums. With its universities, research institutes, numerous theaters, Amsterdam is the most attractive and refreshing cities in Europe. Perhaps, this city is more famous for its memorable houses which are placed out in a pattern of concentric parts in the shape of a triangle and built on doughs made through a top layer of clay into the firm. Let’s have a look at the top seven tourists’ attractions of Amsterdam.

  1. Vondel Park

Spread across the 116 acres, the largest park in Amsterdam, located in the Old South district to the west of the city’s Museum Square. Passing through the ample paths and peaceful ponds, Vondel Park gives you the pleasure of a rose garden which contains more than 70 types of flowers in it. The park was named after a statue of the Joost van den Vondel installed in 1867. With a variety of playgrounds, sculptures and statues and recreational facilities, it is famous for Vondelpark Open Theater which helps in stage and musical productions. You can experience a Dutch beer or herring sandwich at one of the park’s horeca facilities. You can get great discount on ticket booking online using goibibo offers.

  • Van Gogh Museum

 Home of the world’s most comprehensive collection of the artist’s portraits and letters, Van Gogh Museum is the must-visit place for art and archaeologists since it inaugurated in 1972 in the northwestern side of the Museum Square. Designed by GerritRietveld covers the unsettled life and extraordinary artistry, by country’s most-revered painters. Many of these paintings, artifacts, and art were denoted by Gerrit’s brother and his family members. An impressive collection of 500 etchings and drawings, 200 portraits, and 700 letters witnessed the hard and realistic work of artists. This kind of artwork allows viewers a close look at Van Gogh’s evolving style of leading artisans like Paul Gauguin and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

  • Dam square

The succeeding moment you are in Amsterdam, visit the crowds of tourists and non-dutch speakers, Dam Square which covers a wide boulevard overlaid with memorial shops.  Dam Square is the ceremonial checkpoint of incalculable visitors to Amsterdam marks an endpoint of streets like Kalverstraat, Nieuwendijk, and Damstraat. The most famous and historical place of Amsterdam is the National Memorial Statue, which is devoted to Dutch veterans who squandered their lives in World War II. Cannabis clubs, Dam Square’s primary and most popular coffee shop where foreigners can feel pleasant by their unintimidating vibes.

  • The Royal Palace

The most historic and prosperous place now, Town Hall, the Royal Palace is known for the King Willem-Alexander ‘s three Netherlands residences in Amsterdam. The construction of this palace was not an easy task for constructors with a requirement of 13,659 piles to maintain the enormous structure. Its interior apartments are well furnished with a treasure of decoration, reliefs, marble statues, and friezes, accompanying with ceiling-paintings by GovertFlinck and Ferdinand Bolprotegés of Rembrandt. Council Hall and the Hall of Aldermen are the most beautiful framework of Flinck and Bol. Assurance Room, Room of Commissioner petty crime, Burgomaster’s Hall, Justice Room, Jury Room, and Bankruptcy Room tells about the standards and living life of the Royal Palace.

  • The Begijnhof

When you stroll into the cities of Amsterdam, you will mark the HoutenHuys (timber house) built-in 1528 to your recto. One of the peaceful inner-city spots, The Begijnhof pulls the attraction of tourists from its premier department stores and well-kept gardens. Having most of the old cottages, the tiny roads and pathways throughout them grant unrestricted access, so don’t hesitate to traverse. You’ll see a garden which produced proper barracks for the Beguines – a group of unmarried holy women who lived mutually in a close association under promises of moderation.

  • New Church and the National Monument

The formal inauguration church of Dutch sovereigns considering 1814, the New Church (NieuweKerk) located in the heart of Amsterdam before the famous Dam Square.  Public gatherings such as archaic fairs, art exhibitions, and regular organ performances take place now in this Church and Dam Square too.  A miracle of Ornate woodland carving furnished with the four preachers and characters signifying Hope, Charity, Justice, Faith, and Prudence is the most famous feature of New Church.

With a height of 22-meter, the National Monument was established here as a memorial for the soldiers and a representative of liberation after World War II. J. J. P. Oud made the blueprint of this structure and furnished with carvings by J. W. Radeler expressing War (four male characters), Resistance (two men with crying dogs), and Union (woman and child). The national day of remembrance takes place here on May 4 every year. You can get latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.

  • The Rijksmuseum

 With its most prominent art repository and history museums, The Rijksmuseum is the most famous and attractive place in Amsterdam. An intense and comprehensive collection of some seven million works of art, 5,000 important paintings scattered crosswise 250 rooms is the foremost innovation of this museum. The Rijksmuseum currently has well-stocked archives of more than 35,000 copies and manuscripts and 8,000 objects on display.