5 Tips To Help You Plan An Amazing Beach Getaway In Australia

5 Tips To Help You Plan An Amazing Beach Getaway In Australia

Expect to spend about $135 (AU$192) per person every day during a holiday vacation in Australia, according to Budget Your Trip. Australia might be remote, but it’s one of the fascinating places on earth you should visit at least once in your lifetime. It has unique wildlife, vast landscapes, breathtaking natural wonders, not to mention dazzling beaches. With a coastline of 25,760 kilometers, it’s impossible to visit Australia and not explore the beautiful, pristine stretches of white sandy beaches. Depending on your vacation needs and expectations, you can choose ideal beach spots, including lively action-packed shores and genuine meccas for surfing. However, you must plan for an unforgettable adventure trip if you want to have a great time at the seaside. Here are 5 tips to help you plan an amazing beach getaway in Australia.

Pick the Right Beach

Finding the perfect beach for a holiday getaway will depend a lot on the type of experience you want. Before leaving for a vacation, determine how you’ll be spending time at the beach. Ask yourself if you’ll be comfortable in lively crowds or alone. Next, research the type of beaches that fit your travel lifestyle. For example, if you’re going on a beach vacation with young children, your goal will be playing with sand and swimming. Therefore, take time to find beaches with sandy surfaces. These types of beaches are perfect for sand play, swimming, and splashing, as they don’t have sea glasses or shells that could hurt your child’s sensitive feet. If you plan to enjoy a luxurious escape, choosing a luxury beach in Australia should be a top priority. Whether you’re looking for a personalized island getaway or beach safari retreat, there are many island and sun-soaked destinations that offer you a magnificent escape away from your daily routine.

Plan for Fun Activities

It takes proper planning to make the most of your vacation. Start by creating a list of beach activities you can engage in and set aside time for them. Depending on your interests, you can spend time on the shore building sandcastles, reading, or playing board games. So, bring with you a Kindle reader or Nook for convenient reading. Alternatively, download audiobooks and save them on your smartphone for easy access when needed.Since you’re taking a break from your busy life, it pays to have fun like a kid. Don’t hesitate to carry board games, a kite, and a child’s shovel and pail. Also, make time for sports activities like beach volleyball and football. These sports create room for meeting new people, forming friendships, and creating lasting memories. If you enjoy water activities, be prepared to go surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, or swimming. Make sure you invest in the right surfboards and swimming gear to have a great time in the sea.

Pack Smart

Your choice of outfit will have a significant impact on comfort during your stay at the seaside. Ensure you pack light-weight clothing ideal for warm temperatures. If you don’t have any outfits for a beach vacation, buy a few swimsuits, beach cover-ups, floppy hats, rompers, and sandals. Remember, you’ll be exposed to a lot of sunlight and heat. Therefore, pack your sunscreen lotion and sunglasses to keep your skin protected throughout the day. Apply sunscreen before and after spending time at the beach sun-basking or swimming in the sea to prevent sunburns.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated when visiting the beach and participating in volleyball, swimming, and surfing activities is essential. Exposing yourself to the warm temperatures can leave you dehydrated and cause heatstroke, heat cramps, or heat exhaustion. To maintain good health, drink plenty of water, drinks infused with electrolytes, and coconut water. It’s tempting to indulge in alcoholic beverages like beach-side beers and pina colada. However, these drinks can be dehydrating and should be avoided. But if you must drink, rehydrate immediately. Taking breaks from the hot sun and sitting under a shade is also an excellent way to prevent dehydration.

Take in The Incredible Views

There is nothing more exciting than looking back on an epic trip to the shore and reliving those fun moments. So take advantage of every opportunity at the beach to view and capture incredible sceneries. All the must-visit beaches in Australia have unique features worth capturing using your digital camera. For instance, Port Campbell beach on the Great Ocean Road gives you the pleasure of coming close to the Twelve Apostles. If you’re fortunate to spend time there, make an effort to explore and take photos of the legendary limestone stacks.

If by any chance you visit Kiira beach, Gold Coast, ensure you capture its breathtaking rolling waves. No matter which beach you choose to enjoy your getaway, don’t forget to explore and take pictures of fascinating views, even the most obvious things like palm trees, white sand, cabanas, and the ocean. Photos captured at the beach will remind you of the ocean air, warmth, and fun-filled activities you enjoyed.

Enjoying an unforgettable beach getaway in Australia is possible if you plan well. Start by identifying the best beaches that match your lifestyle, have a realistic budget, and make time for fun activities. It is also wise to carry beach-friendly outfits, protect your skin using sunscreen, and stay hydrated to avoid heatstroke and cramps. Most importantly, maintain a positive attitude that you’ll be having a great beach holiday exploring and making memories.