5 Terrific Things to Do in Sedona With Kids

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Sedona is a jewel in the crown of Arizona. It is a spectacular city, with some of the greatest outdoor experiences you will ever encounter. It is a great place to fill your children’s minds with all the wonders of the world.

From beautiful views to spectacular artistic creations, Sedona has it all. We discuss 5 terrific things to do in Sedona with kids.

Things to Do in Sedona With Kids Uptown

This one is for both kids and adults alike. Uptown Sedona is a hive of activity that will have something for everyone. It also has some great eateries for the whole family.

Both sides of the large boulevard contain an array of interesting shops. Souvenir stores, boutiques, jewelry, and book stores line the street. Although it may not be a free activity, you can still do this fairly cheaply if you budget yourself.

It is likely you will be staying in this area. If you are a tourist, it is a great activity to do on a relaxing downtime day when you do not have to go far from your accommodation.

Red Rock State Park

What would be a better way to spend the day than in the great outdoors? None of them get greater than Red Rock State Park, and you can take your children on many of its family-friendly hikes for free.

Take up to the park’s highest point for the beautiful panoramic views and one of the best things to do in Sedona. Hike the Eagle’s Nest Loop for a day of exercise with a vista. Finally, take them to the visitor center to learn about the history of the park.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a cultural landmark in Sedona and is great to visit if you are religious or not. This is due to its sheer architectural beauty. It has a sleek, modernist linear glass facade that sits nestled in the chipped wilderness of the Sedona desert.

The red rocks around the chapel are also a stark contrast to its peaceful interior. It is an extremely photogenic spot, so get your best camera and nestle in for some classic Instagram shots.

Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock is another of the great state parks in Sedona. It is a 43-acre apple farm situated in the picturesque Oak Creek Canyon. It is much cooler than the surrounding areas and is much lusher, green, and water-filled.

Not only does it have great views, but it also has an amazing natural water slide, which is a great kid’s activity. Pack your swimming gear, towels, and a picnic for a fun trip.

Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art

If you have children that love art and creativity, then fire their imagination in the Exposures Gallery. Here, they will be exposed to some of the most interesting art pieces, both old and contemporary. Paintings, sculptures, and glassworks will all be on view.

At least 100 artists are featured. All exhibits are child friendly.

Visit Sedona

Now you can see some of the things to do in Sedona with kids. You just need to book a visit. You can find good quality accommodation all over Sedona, and it is easily accessible by road and air.

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