5 Easy Steps For Making the Perfect Travel Vlog


Vlogging is perhaps the latest trend that has engulfed the personal video creation space in recent times. Every day we see new vloggers exploring new vlogging territories and garner immense attention from their audience.

If you are someone who is entirely new to the travel vlog creation domain, this post will definitely help you out. Moving forward, we will be discussing 5 easy steps that can help you in crafting the perfect travel vlog effortlessly.

5 Easy Steps For Travel Vlog Creation

Here are 5 easy steps for you to follow that can help you in creating the perfect travel vlog. Capturing a video is something that anyone could do but instilling the proper essence of everything that makes a vlog successful is cracked by just a few.

Aside from having a unique approach to your vlog creation methodologies, it’s crucial that your video creation is crisp and free from jittery and shaky frames. You must aim to provide an excellent cinematic experience for your viewers if you wish to excel in the travel vlog creation space.

1. Get a high-quality camera

This is perhaps the most important aspect of travel vlog creation. This is the only piece of equipment that you need for creating high-quality vlogs that perfectly appeals to the audience. 

Even if you don’t have a fancy light set or an additional microphone, having a high-quality camera can help you in recording crisp videos effortlessly. 

Once you get a recording device, you can easily create high-quality vlogs that can be enjoyed by a large number of people. Even if you have a good enough smartphone, you can easily create videos that are a treat to watch and are highly favored among your audience. 

Smartphone cameras have gotten better over the years, and many high-end smartphones now come with camera systems that can rival points and shoots. 

If you are just beginning in the vlog creation domain, you can begin by using the camera embedded in your pocket device and start creating appealing travel vlogs. 

Once you have the final video ready, you can use platforms such as VideoCreek to embed special filters and effects to your vlogs that make it a treat to watch.

2. Record all the highlights of your trip

You need to record almost everything on your trip. It can be the hotel you stay in, the food you enjoyed, the transit mode you opted for, and even the people you communicated with. 

However, no one is going to sit and watch an hour-long video.

You need to ensure that you only include the highlights of your trip. Some parts of your trip might be more appealing to the viewers than the other and you must ensure that you include those parts only. 

The attention span of an average human being is shorter than you expect, so make sure that you leverage it to the full extent.

3. Develop vlogs around a specific activity

Popular vloggers usually create mainly two types of vlogs: highlights and full length. The full-length version has almost all the aspects of the travel experience and is highly comprehensive in nature and viewability. 

But, a highlights vlog only includes the most enticing parts of your trip and compresses them into a 2-3 minutes long video that has relevant background music. 

These highlight vlogs make your travel experience stand out from the rest and make the viewer feel as they themselves are experiencing the trip.

You can create vlogs centered around everyday activities such as traveling from point A to B, eating experiences, or other such particular activities. 

It’s suggested that you don’t make your content generic in nature and everything must lead to a proper activity that you did while on your travel.

4. Communicate with the locals

Traveling involves meeting an enormous number of local people who are just living their daily lives. 

The people you meet and communicate with can shape your entire travel experience and help you understand their culture in a much better way. 

A few people might not be overjoyed by the idea of having a camera shoved at their faces so it’s better to get to know them first and then record your experience. 

You can begin by striking a conversation with the locals and decode their everyday experiences. 

You will get their perspective on the ongoing trends and then you can ask their permission to include them in your video. This not only ensures that you get cool content, but you will also make a whole lot of friends on your journey.

5. Capture your perspective of the destination

A perspective is unique to every individual and you need to capture yours precisely. This gives you travel vlogs a sense of uniqueness and helps your like-minded audience in connecting with you on a deeper level. 

Whether you are traveling to a coastline area, mountainous region, or desert area, empowering the vlog with your perspective will make your travel vlog unique and help you in reaching a new audience effectively. 

You can even use an outro maker to integrate a high quality ending with your vlog that lingers in the minds of your audience for a long time. Check here and learn more.


Once you have made up your mind, creating travel vlogs is not so difficult. You can get started even with a basic equipment level and your approach to capturing the content will help you stand out. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling to the neighborhood state or an altogether new country, your audience will definitely watch your videos.