15 Amusing Wyoming Facts You Should Know

15 Amusing Wyoming Facts You Should Know

Wyoming is one of the most visited tourist spots in the United States. It has a rich culture of traditions and a lot of history. It also has different variations of tourist spots you can tour into.

If you plan on having a fantastic vacation trip with your family, Wyoming is the place to be.

National parks, large mountain sculptures, vast areas of open fields, and a lot of choices of food delicacies all await you in Wyoming state. But first, to help you feed your curiosity, here are some Wyoming facts you should know before you visit the state of Wyoming.

Wyoming is Part of the Rocky Mountains

One of the Wyoming facts on these lists. The Rocky Mountains is one of the most extended mountain ranges that stand in the middle of the United States and Canada. But did you know that Wyoming is part of the Rocky mountains? Not everyone is knowledgeable that Wyoming is part of the rocky mountains and is significant information for Mountain enthusiasts.

32 Island is Within The Borders Of Wyoming States

Wyoming state is a landlocked state, which means it does not connect its territory to an ocean. Wyoming state may not be connected to any ocean. But Wyoming is rich in lakes like Jackson lake, Yellowstone Lake, and Green River, which explains why you can find 32 islands within the borders of Wyoming state.

Some Island is Uninhabited

Wyoming ranks 10th with the most significant land area and is one of the least populated places in the united state, which causes some island to be uninhabited. An example of these kinds of uninhabited islands is Colonel James D. Stevenson, which can be found at a yellow lake in Teton.

Wyoming is One of The Richest Cities in The World During The 1880s

During the ‘80s, Wyoming was considered one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Cheyenne was one of the central trades of the cattle industry and gold rush during the 1880s. It became possible because of its railroad convenience and accessibility. People worldwide are also attracted by the vast minerals that Cheyenne can offer, making it one of the top gold producers.

Language of Wyoming

Most individuals who lived in Wyoming or so-called Wyomingites use the English language to speak. Although with its diverse culture, some of its population can also speak or understand Spanish, French, German, Russian, Tagalog, Greek, and Algonquin.

Religion of Wyoming

Wyoming has a rich culture and a lot of history written within its land. Making the population of Wyoming state diverse also in its religion. Although about 50% of its population is Protestants, some of its remaining population are Catholic, Jewish, and Mormons.

Biggest Potential of Wind Power

Wyoming is at a high altitude which gives Wyoming state an advantage of wind power. Companies like Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Energy project are already in operation in giving wind power all over the United States. Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Energy projects are also considered as the largest wind power companies in the United state.

Happiest And Healthiest State in The United States

Wyoming is considered one of the happiest and healthiest states in the United States. Wyoming ranked second place in the top ten happiest and healthiest states in the united states, followed by Alaska, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Vermont, Delaware, South Dakota, and lastly, North Dakota.

Happiness Comes From Its Landscape, People, and Weather

According to most of the people who lived in Wyoming state, Happiness comes from its diverse landscape, friendly population, and comforting weather, which makes Wyoming one of the happiest places to live in.

Matthew Fox Grew up in Wyoming 

Matthew Fox, famously known in the TV series Lost, grew up in the state of Wyoming. Some other famous individuals like John Buck, Isabel Jewel, Jackson Pollock, Mildred Harris, Curt Gowdy, and many more grew up proud in the state of Wyoming.

Wyoming Flag

The flag of Wyoming comprises three primary colors; white, red, and blue. Its red color means the importance of Native Americans and the Blood of its colonists. The white color signifies purity and respectability. The blue color represents the mountains and skies which the Wyoming state is famously known for.

The state of Wyoming also has an American Bison figure in its flag. The American Bison signifies the local fauna, one of the Wyoming plains’ proud monarchs. The seal surrounding the American Bison is a proud representation of Wyoming’s state branding of its livestock.

Bison Burgers

One reason people visit the state of Wyoming is because of its food delicacies. Bison Burgers, for example, is one of the best dishes Wyoming State is proudly serving. It is a much healthier option than beef burgers, making Bison Burgers a must-try when visiting Wyoming State.

Wyoming Has Plenty of Fossils

Wyoming, in the mid-1800s, is one of the best destinations for dinosaur bone enthusiasts. There are too many fossils that, in the 19th century, a local cabin was built with just bone fragments. This bone built cabin still stands strong as of today in the lands of Wyoming.

The Biggest Coal Mines Are In Wyoming

Two of the largest coal mines in the United States are in Wyoming. These Coal mines companies are called Black Thunder Coal Mine and North Antelope Rochelle. More or less of 40% of the United States’ coal supplies come from the coal companies of Wyoming.

Wyoming is a Guinness Book of World Record Holder 

As of April 30, 2015, Wyoming holds the record of most swing dancers that dances simultaneously held in the University of Wyoming, which marked a history not just within its state but all over the world.


If you are still looking for a place to have a vacation, Wyoming is a place you should consider. These Wyoming Facts are the reason you should visit Wyoming’s state and experience its culture, delicacies, and its attractions yourself. Take a visit soon and see its wonders in person!