Why Voip Phone System a Great Tool For Businesses?


Businesses are making the design of switching from a traditional phone system to Hosted PBX phone because of what VoIP can do in the long run. The most common reason for VoIP adoption is the cost. In fact, according to research, VoIP allows functionalities like phone calls, conferencing, instant messaging and auto attendant at a low cost. 

Often VoIP phone system’s cost-efficiency overshadows its potential as a business tool. Voice over IP services is a reliable and flexible communication tool. It empowers productivity and mobility as a collaboration tool. All services combined offer businesses some key benefits which can help them stay competitive and adaptable. We are going to discuss five reasons that to prove VoIP can do much more than just save your business money. 

Five Competitive Features of VoIP Business Phone:

1. Focus on Operational Competence: 

Every business regardless of its type and size can use some fine-tuning to its internal processes. This way they can maximize their resources and get the best output. Communication and collaboration are the two main focus areas that can always use improvement. Hence, these processes need to be simple. This is exactly what you can do with hosted VoIP. With VoIP services, you get several features that can improve your employees’ productivity. For instance, instant messaging can save time and effort. Instead of dialing a number to listen to voicemails, you can read your voicemails as texts right in your inbox. Saving a few minutes might not seem like a big deal but let’s try to understand it from another perspective. It takes you almost 10 minutes every day to check your voicemails since you check it twice; there go 20 minutes from your day for just for checking messages. This means that you spend almost two hours a week for checking your voicemail. Now, if you multiply it by ten employees then it adds up to 20 hours a week that could have been used for other productive tasks. When you combine hosted Voice over IP with powerful collaborative and mobility tools then it can further improve your employees’ productivity. This way your team can communicate in real-time and they all can stay productive even on the go. 

2. Seamless collaboration and coordination: 

You don’t get just one, two or four features with VoIP Hosted PBX but a complete range of business tools. Through these tools, you can have a streamlined communication and collaboration experience. It is important to understand that this approach is unifying different tools, from calling and messaging features to email and CRM integration. All in a single platform that encourages better productivity and collaboration among employees

3. Gain a competitive edge: 

Maintaining competitive edge again major enterprises is never easy, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Other than expanding your portfolio of products and services to compete with bigger brands, often businesses overlook the fact that by presenting the business with the power and presence of a big brand is also a great strategy. It’s not wrong to say that the first impression is the last one. If you want to establish your business as a serious competitor in the market then ensure that your business is equipped with the same communication solutions as the fortune 500 companies. Fortunately, with VoIP services, you get access to enterprise-level calling features at just a fraction of the cost. Some of the key features including call forwarding, auto-attendants, custom greetings and unlimited extensions. Small businesses can enjoy these key features to perform operations efficiently and maintain a competitive edge. 

4. Easy scalability:

 A traditional phone system is not easy to scale. If you have a growing business then this can become a great challenge. This would mean paying large sums for different expenses and labour since legacy systems need additional hardware and more workers for managing that equipment. On the other hand, with Virtual landline, the infrastructure is hosted by a service provider. Hence, making it an affordable and faster option. Since such a phone system offers per-user-pricing, you can choose any subscription plan according to your business needs. 

5. In-depth analytics and reporting:

Another great feature that you get with Hosted phones is the ability to get an in-depth insight about communication and collaborative process along with the outcome. This is particularly beneficial for managers who always want to improve operations. From individual user activity to detailed activity overviews, times, locations and analytics, tracking and reporting data can help you study employee performance. With this comprehensive feature, you can tweak processes based on data to create a better roadmap towards future success. 

The Bottom Line

Most adopters of VoIP focused more on its potential for cost-saving than it’s any other capability. There is no doubt that it’s a selling point. It still is considered the biggest benefit of this technology. However, there is a lot more to VoIP than just cost savings. Better communication and collaboration processes are the backbone of every business. Business VoIP UK is an effective strategic solution that can grow and scale with your business while also fulfilling your evolving business needs.