Why integrate WooCommerce Website & eBay


One of the easiest ways to start a business is by opening a store on a marketplace such as Amazon or eBay. You instantly get a huge potential audience and don’t spend money on brand promotion. Plus, retail platforms can take care of delivery, order tracking and more.

But sooner or later developing businesses want more. Own site WooCommerce provides a higher degree of freedom. You can generate more diverse offers, create a unique brand and reputation.

The integration of two platforms like woocommerce to ebay is easier through multichannel platforms such as Sellbery. Then from one place you control all sales channels.

How does WooCommerce help businesses grow?

Increase profits

One of the main goals of the business is to get more profit on the difference between costs and sales.

Retailers on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces know that retailers tend to charge fees for certain actions. Customers of market platforms pay interest on listing, sale, delivery, promotions, etc. The percentage is small, but the higher the sales volume, the more significant the figure becomes.

The commission list on eBay:

  • Insertion
  • Final value
  • Basic fees for most categories
  • Listing Upgrades
  • Real Estate listings
  • Additional final value
  • Store plans

Amazon fees:

  • Tariff 39.99 dollars per month (for professional seller)
  • Amazon shipping rates for BMVD products (Books, Music, Video, and DVD)
  • Per-item for each sold unit (for individual sellers)
  • Referral, depending on the category
  • Rental Book Service
  • Closing fees (Books, DVD, Music, Software & Computer/Video Games, Video, Video Game Consoles, and Video Game Accessories)
  • High-Volume Listing
  • Refund administration

WooCommerce Store itself is free, there are no commissions for every seller’s movement. It is not possible to do without expenses at all, but they are less than on marketplaces. And for this price, the seller gets more freedom of action.

  • Domain name
  • A hosting service
  • Additional like a theme, plugins & extensions and developer
  • WooCommerce Payments — transaction fees

Full control over your business

Marketplace store has a significant drawback — your business depends entirely on the performance of their platforms and management solutions. This was clearly demonstrated by the events of COVID-19 in 2020.

Even if you do not take into account the scenario implemented this year, there are still such events:

  • Marketplace can change its terms and conditions at any time.
  • The search algorithms may change.

The WooCommerce website provides full control over your business, its development and promotion.

Creating a reputation and own brand

Visitors come to the marketplace for goods. In this case the value of the brand is secondary. However, good branding, which creates trust, is important for business. Buyers know that under a certain label they are buying a certain quality. The brand shapes customer loyalty.

The most reasonable solution would be to integrate all channels into your business. You can sell your products through eBay listing, Amazon, Woocommerce and other platforms. For successful integration, tools such as Sellbery are used.