Who Is The Strongest Hero In Afk Arena?

AFK arena

If you are a dedicated AFK arena game player, you know the impact of heroes in the game. When you conduct an AFK arena mod apk download, you will get many hero types in the game. Different stages in the game require you to have a different type of heroes.

I mean, each hero is best for different stages. However, there are the strongest heroes that will never fail you in any stage of the game. We will give you information about the heroes in the AFK arena game and their specialty as well as Android Games Download

Heroes in the Afk Arena

There are a lot of Heroes in afk with different skills. Among them are Shemira, Lucius, antandra, and Gwyneth. All these heroes have different scores. Shemira is great with his spirit siphon skill and tortured soul’s skills.

She stands out with her silent character. Lucius is a great hero in case you are looking for protection. You will recover allies through using Lucius as your hero. For group management and self-recovery, you can count on antandra.

Gwyneth has a wide range of skills. That allows him to be great in dealing with his enemies. There are a lot of heroes in the game with different skills. However, who is the strongest of all heroes? Well, we will get to that. 

The Strongest Hero


Most research and experiments show that Brutus if the strongest hero in the afk arena. Brutus has a score of 92 and is a melee type. Eliminating this hero is almost impossible. This is due to his incredible expertise.

He is placed on the strength class because he simply proves that he has all the strength it takes. The Brutus hero not only possesses the strength characteristic but also have last knowledge skill. When the two are combined, they help Brutus to have an incredible performance.

Brutus is excellently harm-resistant. You have to put in a lot of effort, skills, and tricks to bring down Brutus. He also has an incredible Roar capacity. This aids in making foes. This helps him deal with heroes that highly use the dodging technique.

The hero can also deal with a group of enemies all by himself. Well, isn’t that enough to make him the strongest hero in the AFK arena? However, he also has some weaknesses. He is not a suitable hero for the early stage of the game.


  • Brutus is extremely harm-resistant
  • This hero has an incredible roar capacity
  • He uses his last knowledge skills and energy to conquer
  • Brutus is very hard to eliminate
  • Brutus works well with other heroes


  • Brutus does not work well in the early stages of the game
  • You need to inquire a lot of expenses to get and maintain Brutus


Brutus has proved to be the strongest hero in the afk arena. Brutus has great skills and knows well to work with other heroes. However, you need to know all about each hero in the game and their specialty. This will help you determine which hero to use at what stage of the afk arena game. Well, get Brutus and see the wonders he can perform in the afk arena game.