What are the Uses and Benefits of a Road Grader?

What are the Uses and Benefits of a Road Grader

Every construction site needs multiple heavy pieces of machinery, working on different tasks. If you have a specific job that needs levelling and smoothing of surfaces, the best option you have is the grader. A grader is an expensive piece of heavy equipment that plays an essential role in virtually any construction project. With that in mind, most construction companies choose to partner with a grader hire company instead of owning one to save money.

The grader

Grader or also known as motor grader or road grader is a piece of heavy construction machinery that is used to create flat surfaces. It is typically used during the project’s grading phase, hence its name. At that phase, the surface of the construction site is refined and leveled based on particular requirements.

How does it work?

Grader functions through the help of its axels. It has two axels at the back and one in front. Old models were moved using a piece of attached equipment while others were pulled by horses. However, modern graders either have engines or are self-propelling, thanks to their axels. Regardless, that is the reason why it is called “motor graders.”

The modern grader is maneuvered by either a steering wheel or a joystick. Graders also have a blade between its axels with some even have a second blade. Some models have attachments for supplementary arms allowing the grader to be used on some other tasks.

What can it do?

With the recent improvements and innovations in graders increased the uses of these massive machines. Mainly, graders are used to paving and maintaining roads made of gravel or dirt. This is done using the blade that flattens the terrain under it, producing a flat surface.

While motor graders’ primary purpose is to produce roads, they can also make level surfaces to be used for multiple purposes. As an example, a grader can be used to flatten the foundation of a construction site before breaking the ground or paving an unpaved parking lot before asphalt application.

Moreover, graders can also be used for initial production and widening of trenches and ditches. The grader’s strength is its unmatched abilities in maintaining and polishing up wrecked roads that have been damaged by heavy traffic.

Its versatility increases once the grader gets additional specialized attachments. Snow on the roads can be ploughed, and concrete can be spread, forming new walkways. Moreover, it can level out soil in preparation of planting season.

Furthermore, graders can also be used for scarifying. Scarifying is the process where the soil’s top-level layer is removed and replaced with a different material, such as another aggregate, asphalt, or gravel.

Knowing the right grader to use

The needed grader on a site depends on the materials to be used and the workspace’s size. For instance, bigger spaces with a lot of work to be done need the power of a multi-axel grader. On the other hand, smaller spaces need the use of an articulated frame grader with a single axel.

Graders are very useful pieces of equipment that are needed at most construction sites. Partnering with grader hire services is the best choice, especially for companies that are starting up as it allows them to have the best pieces of equipment that would help them compete with established companies.

Paving different surfaces could be a very tough job without the help of a grader. Many professionals in the construction industry are indeed thankful for these machines for making their lives a lot easier.