What are the best colors for a logo?-Detailed Guide


Introduction:Color for a good logo

Have you ever seen or visited Times Square in New York? That place is sensory overloaded business LOGO’s viewing here and there for your attention. Some scream to get the attention of the audience while others use hues that are quiet, but impressively eye-catching. Colors decide how your brand can be perceived.

Whether it is an insurance company trying to strengthen customer trust, or it is a Hemp Oil Boxes company that needs to connect to the right audience, the logo color can better connect and attract the ideal customer.

What can be the best color for a brand LOGO?

Which color impacts what kind of human emotions?

How necessary is it to decide a perfect color for a brand LOGO?

To answer these entire required questions here, it is a complete guide about the best colors for the LOGO.

COLORS and human nature:

Love for colors is an essential part of human life. Every child needs the big box of crayons, and colored pencils for him and this fascination never gets ended with time. Colors are the best sources to convey messages, add brilliance to everything, and evoke emotions.

Colors can be defined as;

 “The appearance of anything regardless of its type, size & shape when light strikes on it is called its color.”

In simple words color is the quality of any object with respect to the light reflected by this particular object. Without the colors this beautiful world seems like a ruined & insipid place. Most of the things are being recognized by human eye through its shape &Colors therefore Colors are something which is very important in our lives.

LOGO’s and their importance:

“LOGO is an easily understandable visual image that is recognized to represent a company/brand or organization.”

LOGO’s are used to identify any brand, product, company, or organization. A LOGO can be composed of so many parts like figurative design, symbols, graphic mark, abstract, a character, emblem, or name of brand/company in a stylized font. A LOGO is essential because:

  • It reveals the identity of a brand/company.
  • It distinguishes a company/brand from the competition.
  • It invites new customers to get to know a brand/company.
  • It can be everywhere to promote the brand/company.
  • It facilitates brand loyalty.

Color and LOGO:

The powerful impact of colors on the human brain when combines with a creative message of LOGO, it creates a very strong and positive impact on viewers and customers to strengthen and highlight the business. One should be very careful while choosing a color for a LOGO because the wrong color choice can reverse the effect entirely.

LOGO and Color Psychology:

Colors influence human reactions and thinking powerfully. The colors also stimulate bodily hormones and penetrate deeper into human psychology. Colors manifest the natural world with an array of meanings, which you cannot explain with even thousands of words. Psychologically colors affect your day to day decisions indirectly.

Color of a dress compels you into purchase it!

Color of an icon motivates you to click on it!

And a packaging color makes us prefer one brand over others!

But why?

This ”why” can be a little complicated. Your preference of one color over others depends upon the meanings of that color. For an individual, every color may have different meanings depending upon gender, upbringing, values, location, and other factors.

Importance of Color Psychology in Marketing:

Colors portray your brand precisely in the way you want.

To select colors for your business, it is essential to understand that color evokes feelings and incites emotions. The right choice of color for the marketing efforts can create a big difference between a brand bending into a crowd or standing out of it. A perfect color and LOGO combination allows you to get your audience to see what you want them to see and perceive similarly as you want them to understand.

Marketers influence the thinking and behavior of people toward a brand with the help of colors and psychologically force them to interpret the information in the way that marketer wants.

How colors touch human emotions?

We know it well that top brands and business put heavy skews on the blue and red color, but we don’t know the reason. This guide is a quick way to learn the Psychology and meanings behind colors.

•    RED:

Red is the color of extroverts, and it is popular among males. It is the warmest color scheme that expresses love, passion, energy, determination, and desires. Red displays warmth of blood and intensity of the fire that psychological impacts the human body by enhancing human metabolism increases respiration rate boosts appetite and raises the blood pressure.

It is a dynamic color that grabs people attention instantly, and that’s why “Subscribe”, “Buy now”, or “Click here” buttons are colored as red all over the internet.

•    BLUE:

Blue is a soothing color that fills the human heart with intuition, peace, imagination, and freedom. Blue represents intelligence, loyalty, confidence, and sincerity; it is why blue is considered as the corporate color. It impacts human psychology by bringing tranquility, a dramatic effect on a LOGO design. Deep blue is not a LOGO color as it displays negativity and self-centeredness.


Life is in color, but black and White are more realistic. Black can be about the absence of colors, but it never gives absent feelings. It represents authority, strength, elegance, and sophistication in combination with aggression, evil, and death. It provides a brand LOGO, elements of power and mystery.  

White is the symbol of innocence, cleanliness, beginning, coolness, simplicity, purity, and guidance.

Black and White are also considered as corporate colors that lead consumers to focus on defining components, abstract, and essentials of a product. These are the most versatile colors that go with every color in combination.

•    BROWN:

Shades of brown color add unity, trust, and reliability to a LOGO design. Its earthy tone relates to nature, and it gives a feeling of relaxation and balances the entire LOGO design.

•    GREEN:

Green is the color of nature, life, beginning, environment, and fertility. It produces a healing effect on human nature, physically and emotionally. It is bright and visible; that is why green is perfect for any LOGO background. It is also considered as the symbol of wealth, money, ambitions, and banking.

•    ORANGE:

Orange color is the bled of yellow and red that is associated with harvest and autumn. It is the symbol of joy and creativity that boost happiness, passion, and compassion. It stimulates hunger, increases oxygen supply to the brain, and increases mental activity.

•    PURPLE:

Purple or violet represents preciousness, sacredness, and delicacy. It is a symbol of ambition, power, luxury, vitality, and spirituality. This combination of red and blue adds glamour and elegance to a LOGO design.

Creative tips to choose Best color for LOGO:

After understanding colors impact on human psychology, it is now clear that what color can stimulate what kind of human emotions. This understanding of colors makes it easy for LOGO designers to select the right color for the LOGO. Here are a few creative tips for choosing the best color palette for a LOGO.

# Be aware of your competition:

Before deciding the color for your brand logo, it is necessary to make it clear that whether you want to stand out or compete with your rivals in the industry—research all the LOGO’s, color schemes, and websites of other brands to get an idea. Then think for your options in hand to choose appropriately.

# Create a mood board:

After completing your research about other brands extract different colors and images from another brand LOGO’s and create a mood board to decide your options.

# Remain focused:

Brands with excellent color schemes never appear accidentally, but it needs a complete thought process with:

  • Clear idea of brand goals
  • Which kind of audience your brand wants to target?
  • What brand Impact you want to produce on the audience?

All these key factors help you to choose striking colors for your brand LOGO.

# Think from an audience perspective:

Using color psychology figure out what color can impact what kind of audience. You also have to keep in mind what product/service you are offering. To symbolize trust, progress, intelligence, and freedom, you can use passive colors. To excite the audience you can use bold colors, to create calming or relaxing impact use pastels, and to express originality use nature-inspired green and blue.

# Experimentation can create wonders:

Never be afraid of ideas, of experimenting, and changes because this procedure leads you toward ultimate success. Experiment with various color options helps you to find the best out of all good.

# Follow simple rules:

Working of all points, as mentioned above, assist you in every way to get the best LOGO for your brand, but never miss the small details also. Such as:

  • Never stick to a single color and try to use more than two colors to convey your message.
  • Try to keep your LOGO simple with a maximum of three colors. The simplicity of your LOGO will keep you odd form evens.
  • Use negative space and avoid clichés to create an impactful LOGO.


Designing a brand LOGO is an exciting time that establishes the brand image. Choosing colors to represent a brand should never be a race to follow the trends or about coolness. It is about the value and strength of the brand that will go on with the progress of your brand. Picking the right color should never be underestimated!

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