Verizon Smartwatches For Kids


Most children are growing with advanced technology. Furthermore, gadgets such as phones, tabs, computers, and tablets, among many more gadgets, have become part of their daily life. Note that features such as YouTube, apps, and chat notification have also impacted their schedule and health. On the other hand, are you aware that you can track kids using Verizon smartwatch?

These smartwatches have a total potential to sync the phone you will be using. Note that Verizon smartwatches are specifically for your kids’ demands and needs. This means you can be able to follow your kids’ activities through tracking by smartwatch. In case you are wondering what Verizon smartwatch you should get your children, worry less since this article will make you more informed about the best Verizon smartwatch for kids. These are:

LG VC200 Gizmo Gadget Verizon Wireless Smartwatch for Kids

The LG VC200 GizmoGadget Verizon Wireless has the potential to generate location tracking as well as two-way communication. This gadget has a design that meets your kid’s needs. It comes loaded with a display of 1.3 PMOLED; it also generates you with an actual time location tracking. Moreover, you can also communicate through this watch. Therefore, thanks to these features for making this product outstanding in the industry.


It is easy for your kids to use.

This product tracks your kids’ location probably each weekday at noon.

It is compatible with Android as well as iOS.


It looks big on a small wrist.

Verizon Gizmowatch Smartwatch for Kids

If you are looking for a Verizon smartwatch with several features that satisfy kids and parents, use Verizon Gizmowatch. Note that this smartwatch acts as a basic smartphone, especially for kids who have small wrists. It is perfect for kids of 4 -12 ages.

This product comes with two-way communication through messaging and voice energized by Verizon’s network. Additionally, this is advantageous to caretakers since they can always monitor the children’s activities.

With Verizon Gizmowatch, parents can establish GPS boundaries, automatic notification when their kids go to locations that have no approval and geofencing. Furthermore, this smartwatch is much convenient for small hands to control.

It also has a big touchscreen that generates notifications for ten confidential contacts; Verizon Gizmowatch contains a step tracker and game features to support specific activities. This product has a durable wide strap and waterproof features, making it more remarkable for young kids who are likely to engage in tumble and rough games.


Ten trusted contacts can easily access it.

It has a waterproof design, which makes it durable.

This product offers you two-way communication via messaging and voice.

It has GPS tracking with customizable alerts.


It has limited games.

This smartwatch requires a two years Verizon contract.

Fitbit Ace Smartwatch for Kids

Smartwatches have a design that enables them to perform almost every work. However, some have a design that enables them to only concentrate on one particular activity. This explains why Fitbit Ace is ideal for kids’ fitness tracking from sleep pattern monitoring to counting steps. On the other hand, it tailors messages and encourages kids through competition.

Fitbit Ace can also sync up to your family accounts of Fitbit, and it is compatible with other Android and iOS devices. Additionally, this product is sturdy and waterproof; this makes it a long-lasting wearable device for kids you have ever encountered.

Other Verizon smartwatch offers you two-way communication; this product does not guarantee you this feature, it is only perfect as a fitness tracker for kids who need to be ever on the move.

Note that it does not guarantee you any given additional parental management. Thus, thanks to these superb features for making this product extraordinary in the industry. In case you are looking for a Verizon smartwatch for kids, you can opt to make it your number one option.


It monitors your kid’s sleeping pattern.

It is a perfect product for fitness tracking.

This product is waterproof and has a durable design.

It has the potential to sync to Fitbit family accounts as well as smartphones.


It does not have GPS tracking.

It lacks two-way communication.


Based on the above review. You are now familiar with the best Verizon smartwatch for kids. Therefore, it calls upon you to opt for the best that will meet your demands. I hope that this article will be beneficial to you to know the ideal Verizon watch for kids to buy.