Total Control of PDF Files: 4 Benefits with Using PDFBear’s Services


Having problems with a pdf document is an inconvenience, especially when you don’t have access to any pdf document manipulation tool. For your productivity to be relatively easy, PDFBear is the best online tool in the market as its features easily make it the go-to software for all the pdf modification needs.

Users who fully utilize PDFBear’s features can extensively manipulate pdf documents such as the capability to split, merge, compress, and convert pdf files. PDFBear’s online tools are hassle-free, and also it’s completely safe and secure for the user and their documents. To know more about the benefits of using PDFBear, here are some advantages of using it.

Lock and Unlock PDF Files

If you have a private pdf document that you don’t want anyone else to access, or you’re stuck with a locked pdf file with no way of gaining access to it, PDFBear’s lock and unlock feature can help you with that. With PDFBear’s lock and unlock PDF feature, it can help users encrypt and secure the documents with their desired password.

To put a lock on your pdf file, all the user needs to do is head on to PDFBear’s website and click on the ‘Protect PDF’ feature. Then, drag or select your desired pdf file, type in your desired password, and click the option named ‘Encrypt PDF.’ Unlocking a pdf file goes through a similar process, upload the file, click on ‘Unlock PDF,’ and wait for it to be available.

Corrupt File Repair

A time will unexpectedly come when one of your documents suddenly gets corrupted for no apparent reason. Fortunately, with the help of PDFBear’s online pdf repair tool, you can restore your corrupted documents. Some files are beyond repair, and other files have missing contents when recovered.

However, it’s guaranteed not to worsen from the original condition of the corrupted document. To repair or restore corrupted pdf files, all you need to do is head on to PDFBear’s online pdf repair tool, drag or select the files you want to restore, and then click Next. PDFBear will then analyze the document and restore as much of the contents as it can.

Merging PDF Documents

PDFBear’s pdf merge tool is the fastest and most convenient tool on the web that can combine several documents into a single file. Users only need to follow the provided steps on the website, and with only a few clicks, your desired pdf files will turn into a single pdf document.

Any person who is in dire need of merging multiple pdf documents will have no problem doing so with PDFBear’s online tools. Moreover, users don’t have to spend a single penny for a registration or subscription fee to utilize all of the tools PDFBear has to offer. PDFBear is free to use, unlike other tools that require a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

All of PDFBear’s services can be accessed across various platforms. Thus, the user could fully utilize all of its features, whether it’s a tablet, desktop, laptop, or smartphone device. The ability to access all of PDFBear’s features with any platform is since PDFBear is a web-based tool that any web browser can access.


Complete flexibility in pdf document manipulation such as splitting, converting, and merging is now fast and convenient if you have the right tool in your arsenal. Fortunately, PDFBear is a trustworthy and dependable online tool that you can do all of your pdf manipulation needs for free.

Aside from all of its features, PDFBear offers safety and security to its users and documents. All pdf documents imported on PDFBear’s servers for manipulation are safe and secure as the document would only last an hour in the servers. The document will be immediately deleted after that.