The Differences Between Cloud Storage Providers


People in the United States use more than 4.4 million GB of online data every minute of each day. 

Internet data is used to send emails, store documents, and to make Google searches. People also use this data to store the documents needed for work.

If your business requires an online storage platform that can save an abundance of GB, you should consider cloud storage. 

Continue reading to discover which cloud storage provider you should get for your business and needs! 

1. Apple iCloud 

If you are looking for a cloud storage provider and primarily use Apple products, the Apple iCloud is an excellent option. 

Apple iCloud is an impressive platform that only comes at the cost of $20 a year. With this, you can get 5GB of space to store your documents for work. The more that you spend, the higher your GB will be. Unfortunately, this only works with iOS products and Apple TV.

One of the best things about Apple iCloud, however, is that there are no third parties involved. This helps keep your information secure!

2. Amazon Cloud Drive 

Did you know that Amazon can offer you 5GB of free cloud storage?

As you go up from there, so do the prices. This is perfect, however, if you don’t require too much storage space. You can use the Amazon cloud drive on iOS products, Android, and Windows. 

The Amazon team works diligently to keep your information secure and protected while also offering you 24/7 customer support. This is an excellent cloud choice if you also work with Kindle Fire devices!

3. Google Drive

One of the best private cloud platforms is Google Drive. 

Google Drive offers much more storage at no price. You can get 15GB of storage without having to spend a dime. Once you max out on this space, you can pay $5/month for 100GB. 

Devices that support Google Drive are Android, Windows, and iOS. 

4. Dropbox

Many people have used the Dropbox cloud platform before without even realizing all of its capabilities. 

Dropbox offers you 2GB of storage for free and can work on a large variety of devices. Android, Windows, and iOS are some of the most popular. Dropbox also works with Kindle Fire and Blackberry. 

This is the ideal platform if you work as a team and need a shared workspace. Each member can access the Dropbox to upload their work that others require. 

5. Microsoft OneDrive 

Another popular cloud storage provider is Microsoft OneDrive.

It offers more space for free than Amazon Cloud storage. You get 7GB for free and 100GB only costs $100 each year. The OneDrive is kept secure through password-protection on uploads and downloads. 

A unique feature of this platform is that it also includes access to Word, Excel, and more! 

Which Cloud Storage Provider Should You Get?

When it comes to finding a cloud storage provider, there are many things to consider.

By knowing how much space you require, you can find the best platform that comes at a reasonable price. Many options are free but comes with 15GB of space or less. Depending on the devices that your business use, some platforms may collaborate better. 

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