The Best Streaming Websites to Keep You Stay at Home During the Pandemic

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Everyone finds COVID-19 pandemic as a great challenge to face every day. Not all people around the world experience the same hardship, but all have the same fear. Hence, everyone stays at home as the simplest way to get rid of being infected. However, for those who have been staying at home for a couple of months, they tend to feel tired and exhausted.

Even if it is so tiring and boring, people who are living in the critical areas where the number of pandemic cases is still high, they choose to stay at home most of the time. However, due to technological advancement, many exciting things can be done at home. You can visit all of your social media accounts to connect with your friends and colleagues outside your house.

You can also play your favorite online games to kill your time. Moreover, one of the most common activities that people usually do at home is watching movies. People used to watch their favorite channels from their tv service providers. Today, accessing your favorite movies can be done using your smartphone. Read the details below to know the various streaming websites to help you enjoy your stay at home during the pandemic. 


Netflix is a streaming website that will let you watch tons of movies, television shows, and many others. You can also download its app on your smartphone, tablet, smart tv, and even your computer. It has millions of subscribers in hundreds of countries all over the world. Before Netflix reached its success today, they were once offering a DVD rental service many years ago.

It offers various subscription plans, depending on your needs and budget. It has mobile and basic plans that allow only one access at a time using a smartphone or tablet in a standard definition. The standard plan will allow you to watch two screens at a time and simultaneously download movies on two devices.

On the other hand, Netflix has a premium plan, which is the highest subscription streaming service letting you watch movies on four screens at the same time in high definition and Ultra HD (4k). Hence, watching all your favorite shows and movies on Netflix will surely help you enjoy your stay at home during this pandemic.


Hulu is another streaming website available online. You can also download its app on your smartphone to watch your favorite movies more conveniently. Hulu has a library of movies, television shows, and a lot of original content. It aims to give subscribers access to television shows from different network providers, original content, independent films, and many others. 

The good thing about Hulu is that it’ll give you earlier access to popular tv series from different networks. It’ll only take a week or earlier to watch the newly aired episodes of tv series from a popular broadcaster. All of the subscribers could only access Hulu online before. However, in 2019, they added a feature in the app and on the website letting subscribers watch offline content. Hence, Hulu is another streaming app that will surely help you enjoy your stay at home.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus offers its subscribers to access a wide-range collection of movies and television shows on its official website or by using its downloadable app. Also, it lets you enjoy watching your favorite movies without any interruptions from showing up ads. It has movies and shows from Disney, 20th Century Fox, NatGeo, Marvel, Star Wars, and many others.

Moreover, you can bundle it with Hulu and ESPN+ for a different price from paying Disney Plus alone. Hence, this is another fantastic movie experience that you’ll surely enjoy at home.


Many people find it a great challenge to stay at home most of the time to help stop the spread of the virus. However, your stay at home can be fun and so exciting. Remember the different streaming websites or apps discussed above to help you fight against the virus and your boredom at the same time.