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What do you think of when you come across the phrase ‘social media content calendar?’ Obviously it’s a kind of calendar, but a calendar on social media? Yes.

Companies operating their businesses through social media forums need a calendar to mark and remember important dates.

Take this for instance…

You are running a good restaurant and in your busy schedule you forget that it is world’s customer rights day. A customer enters your premises and reminds you of the fact…

What would you feel like, a total daft? That you didn’t even plan any special discounts, packages for your customers, and had no clue whatsoever that the day could bring you many medical school essay structure numbers of patrons, if you had just posted one good picture of you with your happy customers.

Instead forgetting any such days, like independence days, birthdays, etc. will cause you to lose the customers instantly.

This is the impact of forgetting special moments and days when it comes to the business world.

If You Are Missing Any Important Dates, You’re in Loss…

Customers, and even employees, are very keen to be wished happy birthdays, and anniversaries, if their favorite shop, restaurant, or supplier, doesn’t wish them, chances are that you could bear the loss of that customer.

Social Media has made it easy for the businesses to remember important dates and days simply by setting up a calendar on the social media and posting content on those marked dates.


Blogs, Posts Acknowledging Important Dates Keep You In the Business…

Similarly, according to statistics, businesses celebrating national days, days related to sick people, or actors, sports, the poor, or even movies releases at times, etc. will earn more and more customers. Because customers like to be entertained, and feel good that the business is an inclusive, amiable one. Essay help Online UK one of the best essay services in UK, states that one of the reasons behind their success is that they have been able to make their customers feel highly respected and cared for by remembering their important moments.

Top 10 tips on how to create a social media content calendar

  • Target your audience first:

The first that you would need to do is target the audience that you are addressing. For example, what is the market that you work in? What are your goals? Is there a way to relate the important dates to your company’s goals?

The audience, will be a huge factor in determining what dates matter to you. If you are dealing with elderly citizens and forget to mark ‘world senior citizen day’ what do you think will be the impact on your business. Let me tell you, very bad..!

  • Determine which posts will be useful:

Not every post will be able to entertain your customers. Specially, if you have copied a post from the internet, which occurs to be a common post your customers will not take kindly to it.

Try to use posts that are unique and match well with the day that is marked. For instance, on a national day use unique national, patriotic posts that can generate a sense of nationalism in the individuals.

                    “Instead of interrupting, work on attracting.”

  • Set the dates that are most relevant:

Don’t just set any date as important, not all dates will matter to the customers. For example, customers in the Middle East will not be angry at all if you forget to post about America’s national day.

Similarly dates that are specifically related to youths will not matter to you much if your customers are mostly old, aged people.

Remember to include the dates that matter to your customers.

  • Don’t goof up dates:

One thing that you will have to take great care about is that if you add erroneous dates, you are nowhere likely to be well received by the customers.

This matters a lot..! Never set false or wrong dates, it will also infuriate the customers if the date is something which they get emotional about, like religious, national dates, etc.

  • Group dates according to customer interests:

Group dates that are well fit with the customers. If you have different sectors of customers, like your customers vary according to the age group, or nationality, or gender basis, it is very important that the dates that you set are specifically related to the particular customer group.

For example, important dates for kids might not be important for adults, important dates for football lovers might not be important to golf lovers at all..!

  • Pick best pictures for each marked day:

Use pictures that are the best for posting on the important date.

Will you become happy if you see an old, withered pictured on your favorite national day?

For example you love airplanes and on the world airplane day your business share old, copied content to show that it remembers your interests..?? Well it will surely anger you, right? Just like such mishaps will anger any other customer.

  • Ensure consistent posting:

Always remember that only through consistent posting will you be able to retain customers. If your posts are not consistent and you forget and miss any important dates, well then be ready to pay the price.

Consistency is one of the major factors in achieving success. If you just keep posting once in a while and then forget to post, stay out of the social media for a long time, then realize it is time to get back.. Well, it’s not going to work for you.

  • What is the right posting frequency for you?

Have you measured a right posting frequency for you? If not, then do it. Most of the time customers will get tired if you are posting just about every day.

Don’t post every day, don’t regard every date as important. Some dates are only material to some customers while some to others. And also not all important dates would match your brand theme.

  • Also collaborate with other brands on big dates:

If you like to collaborate with your counterparts to send a message of unity or togetherness then important national dates are the best opportunity for you.

A recent survey has showed that companies who join together with their rivals in celebrating and posting about important events will be much more likely to appear in the good books of public than the ones who find it hard to have a shared celebration of any historic day.

  • What have you planned to give away? Any offers?

At last, no other day will work the best for you like an important date or event to promote your brand and service, when you are ready to give away products for free, or services.

Social media can help you a lot in this matter. If an important date occurs and you posts a nice message on the social media acknowledging the date and also announcing freebies, can you just imagine what a wonderful impact it will have on your brand overall?

Yes, a Social Media Content Calendar Can Do Wonders…..

If you are still thinking about the significance of social media calendar, then let us tell you that companies that use such calendars for the promotion of their business and make the customers feel remembered and cared for are much, much more likely to be remembered by the customers.

Even one post on your Facebook, Twitter page sending off best wishes will make sure that you never lose customers.

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