6 Best Features Of PDFBear That You Should Try For Your PDF Files


If you often deal with PDF, you should try using PDFBear; they provide a variety of features that you’ll like to use. Here are some of the leading characteristics of PDFBear that you should also try for your PDF files.

Merge PDF

Merge PDF or PDF Merge is one of the most accessible and most useful features that you can use from PDFBear. You can go to PDFBear’s website, and find Merge PDF. When you are there, you can right away select or pick the specific PDF file that you want to combine with your other PDF files. By doing this, you’ll save space, and you’ll be more well-arranged.

PDF Repair

A corrupted or damaged PDF file is the worst thing that could ever happen if you are often working with PDF files. Damaged PDF files are due to many reasons; it can be from a computer virus, power interruption during your PDF download, Hard Drive problem, system failure, and more. No one can guess when a PDF file will be corrupted or damaged.

To fix this problem, all you need to do is use PDFBear’s PDF Repair feature. Although it is not 100% that your PDF will be saved or repaired, at least there is a higher chance of using a reliable PDF repair tool. Just go directly to PDFBear’s site, find repair PDF, and select the specific PDF file that you want to repair. PDFBear will do the rest for you.

Add Watermark

Do you want to put a seal or watermark on your PDF file? Then the PDFBear’s Add Watermark feature is the best in its class. You can either put a text or image watermarks on your PDF file without paying anything and waiting for many hours. With PDFBear’s Add Watermark feature, you’ll be sure that your all of your PDF file will have a high-quality watermark.

Share Document

Using PDFBear, regardless of the type of format you have on your file, they will do their best to assist you in sharing your documents or files. Of course, you can go to your email and send your file there, but what’s unique about PDFBear is that you can send or share your files on high-quality output no matter what kind of file it is.

To do the Share Document feature of PDFBear, go to their site, find Share Document, and pick the file that you want to share. After that, you need to put your recipient’s email address. PDFBear then will also provide an option for you to add some message for your recipient. PDfBear will send your file to your recipient safe and fast.

Number Pages

Do you want to track or want to put a number to the pages of your PDF files? Then you need to try one of PDFBear’s most practical PDF editor features, the Number Pages. You can put numbers to your PDF file by selecting the specific PDF file, and wait until it is successfully uploaded.

After the successful upload, you can now choose where to put the number on the page; it can be on the lower center, lower left, lower right, or on the upper part of the page. When you’re done selecting where to put the number on your PDF file, you can now click “number page,” and download your numbered PDF file.

Rotate PDF

Are you trying to rotate your PDF file? PDFBear’s Rotate PDF is plain and simple, yet very useful. With just a click on a button, you can right away rotate your PDF file into any direction you wanted. This feature is beneficial primarily if your PDF file is composed of images and pictures, which you wanted to have a clear view of it.


PDFbear is a beneficial online tool for any PDF matter. You can easily use any of its features with ease since they provided all the necessary instructions, all you need to do is read it, and you’re good to go. You need to check their site so that you will be able to see their other helpful features that were not mentioned here.